Great Divide! Race.

Having just turned 35 I find myself feeling responsible. Yesterday morning, barely 24 hours since saving Missy Leona from freedom, I put a storage bin in the basement that is filled with rice and beans and cat food and candles and such in case the world ends. We’ll be ready! Then I cleaned our ceiling fan which was pretty dirty after a hard summer of twirling. I harvested all our Basil and made pesto which is in the freezer. This morning I cleaned out the gutters and got up on the roof to clean our skylight of its grimy layer for more enjoyable restibule moon-gazing.

More interesting than any of that was last nights talk by Steve Thunder-McGuire about his Great Divide Race experience. His talk was given at a BIC meeting and Cody and I


The Thundah?

had joined the club early this year but neither us had participated in an event yet. There was some official mumbo-jumbo and I got to say Aye! once along with everyone else and then it came to Steve. I have only met Steve once, and briefly, at the pre-meeting for the Trans-Iowa this year but I know lots of stuff about him and see him out riding on occasion . He is a professor at the UofI and rides his bike all over and tells stories and he was Cody’s Art Ed faculty adviser for a time. He has done Iditabike and some 24 hour trike marathon and he has saved a couple of people from drowning and is known as Superman to some of his admirers in town.


photo by Aaron Teasdale, adventure cycling

When I say that Steve tells stories, I mean he tells them professionally, as part of his art. I have never seen one of his polished deliveries and I still haven’t. The computer portion of his presentation was lost at sea and he had to wing it with just a few pictures and slides. He mostly let questions run the show and most folks wanted to know how much his bike weighed and what he ate. He only made it 400 miles which is a bummer. It was still good to see what he had to say about it, he’s been there after all.

I have been aware of the Great Divide Race for a few years now but only started to catch the serious itch to do it this year. Kent Peterson holds the SS record from his 2005 ride and he wrote all about it and you can read the whole kaboodle online. Kent is a badass. I think I would like to tackle it single speed as he did, but I am not sure. I’m not sure of anything yet, but this would be the ultimate joining of my love of long distance backpacking and long distance bicycle riding. There is a bootload of information on the web about this event if you are interested so read up if you care, I am! And wish the Thunder well as he makes a second attempt this coming summer.

photo by Aaron Teasdale, Adventure Cycling

(Sorry I did not give credit yesterday Aaron, I thought rolling over the image would allow a link to the rest at the Adventure Cycling site but I did not check it. Please don’t sue me, I love your work and hope to be in it one day!)


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