Happy Halloween

Went on the ride last night.  College Green @ 5:30 but more like 5:45 these days.  It was good to get out as the weekday group rides are winding down for the year plus it was 70 degrees when we left.  We headed south and swung west to ride a nice 4-wheeler trail near Hills and then came back north to home.  The trail was, predictably, the high point of the ride with crashes and wheel threatening sticks and muck and running for some and startled deer crashing around in the brush and one really big and steep heart-rate spiking climb.  Fun!  I have been missing the gravel season hijinks.

Back in Iowa City my light illuminated a shiny object and I did the 180 to investigate and behold, Road Prize!

A nice screwdriver with the translucent yellow handle like the ones dad has!  Shortly after I found the heavy and jagged chunk of metal when we were stopped at a light and I picked it up before it could give someone’s nice rugged SUV a flat tire.  Tis a wicked chunk of metal indeed but ergonomic, too and it wrapped around my handlebar nicely and I carried it home with ease.


At home I found that the sweet potatoes were already aboil and after a quick shower I got to enjoy dinner in fine company.


Five days of riding in a row and I feel fine!   Afternoon cappuccino yesterday and  a good morning macchiato today!  Cuban style!  Its a wonderful life worthy of multiple exclamation points!  Tonight I will take a day of rest and hang out at home to be sure and reward our expected meager troupe of trick or treaters.  We are handing out apples just like a couple of hippies or something.  Stop by if you are out and becostumed!




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    Jay said,

    Dear apple-wielding, bike-riding hippie,

    Please leave my strategically placed SUV-wounding shrapnel where you found it. It is there for a reason.

    The SUV Killa

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