The Last Good Ride Of The Year

Cody is sick now. Our house should have a biohazard sign in front of it. We had only one trickster-treater, the same only one as last year. He’s a good kid. Took advantage of all the excess apples with juice making frenzies to try and cure the Cody.

Hit the group ride last night, the last of the Tuesday-Thursday season. It was a hoot! We rode out to the Northeast and hit the notorious “Hedge Apple” abandoned road and

(not our abandoned road, just an example of the mighty hedge apple)

that is always exciting, thundering through deep grass with predictable ruts and not so predictable hedge apples lurking everywhere, hungry for front wheels. Safely through to the other side I sat up to contemplate my situation and decided to keep on with the group and taste the pain. We rolled it in on pavement from Morse and at the end I was too cooked to contest the last good sprint of the year which was ably taken by Brendan but was happy to have kept it in the 39 for the whole ride. Moral victories are easy!

This morning was the locally famous Commuter Coffee at the Bike Library. It was pretty damn cold (32ish) but we still had 25 visitors plus a gaggle of volunteers. Some IBC bigwigs came through, too. I attempted to fix the shifting on my beat up Lemond but it seems doomed, new cable and housing required and I need it by tomorrow morning as I am going to roll out another 100 on gravel. Maybe I will just throw on a downtube friction shifter, Ira would tell me to… I have also been thinking I should recalibrate the computer as all the tire nubs are wearing off and making the wheel diameter smaller. Probably doesn’t amount to much but it has to amount to something, no?

Single speed ride to Iguana’s again tonight with a slightly larger crew than last Friday from the sound of things, but with no Cody. Sniff…

Today is Ralph’s birthday, if you know him you know what to do so do it.


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    ira ryan said,

    darn tootin pickle! down tube forever!!!!!!!!!

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