All Patched Up

I am equipped with many handy applications.

I can retell jokes after hearing them at the Bike Library Breakfast.

How can  farmers easily double their income?

Put up a second mailbox!

I can also patch my pants if they need it, as dedicated cyclists’ pants butts often do.

 Two pairs of Carharts and my PJ pants. I have no explanation for how the PJs might have gotten torn as I do not ride in them.  I am so excited to have been sewing again, I am trying to think of other clothes I might fix but I may just have to be patient.

Cody was a wonderful craft pal as she was not only sick but also knitting a hat.  Now she is started on a colorful knit poncho.  I made her some juice and she napped with the cats.

She will be better soon I am sure.


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