Seven Hundreds

Saturday I rode another gravel 100. The computer showed 101.93 and I know I did 82+ on gravel because I kept track. In the morning I rode to the Co-Op to get breakfast so for the day I took home 104 miles. Mmm, Gravy. It was around 35 when I left and the forecast was for winds from the NW so I headed SE. Why? I don’t know. I rode over to Downey which is always lovely, saw some big and brown country squirrels and headed south on White Oak to hit the lovely B road chain on the way to Lone Tree.

Still loving the tailwind but failing to think ahead I decided to keep on going south and wrap around the Tri-County bridge before visiting Riverside. With the chilly temps I still had plenty of fluid on board so I kept on to Hills via the always fun farm trail with the big hill before taking a break at Caseys with just under 50 miles covered.

Having ridden very few miles in the month of October due to my three weeks of illness I was not expecting to have much extra Oomph for this ride and sure enough, I didn’t. The way I had organized things I was now facing 30 miles of hills and headwinds before I could head home.  Crud.

At mile 65 I hit some pavement and noticed that my rear wheel had a hop. I stopped to investigate and found that my $15.00 retail Pyramid cross tire had failed and my Mr Tuffy tube liner was holding in the tube. The tire had a pretty good bulge going. I did not think the liner could hold for long so I stopped and put in a boot and dropped the pressure in the tire a bit.

15 more miles of headwind, heading out past Oxford, and lots of hills for my tired legs to contend with. I made it out there and turned for home. The difference in speed was instant and I got to ride a long and flat section next to a river. I also got to ride a wide water crossing which wet my feet but was pretty neat, really. Lots of hunters out on this section and they kept to themselves.  I saw a leaf fall from a tree, driven by the wind, and the earth shook with the force of its landing…

Uh, yeah, so I was tired and cold and hungry and a bit grumpy about it all when I got home, but one more century closer to the full bodied cup I dream of, too. Hopefully next weekends ride will be easier on me now that I am back to riding regularly.


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    Jay said,

    Ahh…..White Oak. We were out there Sunday! It was pretty windy, in fact. We ended up doing about 35 miles, though I think we could have done 50 or more. The weather was certainly nice enough. You should see the sweet air horn we hauled back (the kind you see on top of semi cabs) – talk about a road find.

    If only there were more B roads in the area. Actually, I made a fairly decent map of them (dirt roads) in Johnson and the surrounding counties. Let me know if you want a copy sometime. For once my GIS gig is coming in handy. 😉

  2. 2

    bikeiowa said,

    I appreciate your industry Jay but I gots a good idea where I want to go when I head out and its fun to explore what I don’t know with a healthy amount of the unknown ahead of me. Thanks, though, and glad to see you (we did see ya’ll, y’know) out and about while we volunteered the Lord’s afternoon away. Just round that 35 up to 50, too. Most cyclo-computers are not very accurate anyway, right? Course that means you might have only ridden 20 which rounds down to zero…

  3. 3

    Jay said,

    What I meant was that we could have done more mileage had everyone been up for it (not sure if that came across as intended).

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