“Busy” February?

This is November, the most crowded month on my birthday calender.  Ralph and Dave have aged this month and my sister Sara did just yesterday and both Mom and Dad do in about a week.  I felt good to get a card out to sis and even called her, although we did not connect.  For those of you that don’t know she lives in Florida despite her age and is a pilot.  We are all planning to meet in the hometown of Antioch, IL to celebrate my mom’s birthday as this is the “biggy” of sixty!  Hilarious photos to follow, I imagine.

Cody and I are borrowing a car to make the trip as we don’t have one and our nations train system was gutted at the urging of the automakers before we were born just so we would have to make a trip like this by car rather than train.   They won, I guess, the dirty stinking capitalists.  That is all a week away, though.

To the now!

This has been a great morning.  I was up early and finished reading a crummy graphic novel I had started.  Then I cleaned the house, took care of some laundry and made a french press of coffee which I drank all by myself.  This was some of the birthday coffee that Ira sent me that he roasts himself in his kitchen!  I do not usually make coffee at home and I never make it by and for myself (honest, first time!) so this was a special event.  I forgot to set the timer once I poured the water but I was pleased with the non-scientific result I obtained.

Tonight I have a Bike Library steering committee meeting and tomorrow I plan to ride another of my gravely centuries.  This will be the 8th and with my weeklong Thanksgiving break coming right up I am feeling confident I will make the 12 by the end of the year to complete the challenge.  I have been doing recon on a 100 mile Sugar Bottom assault, that would be a tough one for sure but I think I will probably go for it over my break.  What a sucker I am, eh?

I tore one of my freshly patched pants open in a new place this week so a bit of craft upcoming.  Cody seems to be on the up and up but like me it seems it may be a while before she is back to full strength.

See you next week!

Sorority qoute for Jay:   Wait!  I passed out?  Where did you find me?!!!


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  1. 1

    Brian said,

    I also experience the same birthday issues in November. My sister’s is on November 14th, Robin’s is just one day after that, and Robin’s sister is about a week after that. I attribute this phenomenon to Valentine’s Day, which is exactly one human gestation period away from the middle of November.

  2. 2

    Brian said,

    If I bothered to think about your title in the beginning, my comment would not seem so redundant.

  3. 3

    i passed out too? i woke up somewhere on the west coast. what a wicked party brah! i think the sugarbottom ride sounds cool. you should just do 2 birds with the same cog and set a 12 hour “record” while yur out there.

  4. 4

    Jay said,

    I hate it when that happens!

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