Hi everyone. [silence] My name is Steve, and I ride. [long pause] A lot. [sobs into hands]

Okay, just kidding, I do ride, though, and on Saturday of weekend last I went out and rode yet another century consisting of 85 miles of gravel and 18.5 miles of pavement. I also rode to a house warming party later that night with Cody on our cruiser tandem but that bike has no computer to tell me how far or how fast, thankfully. Its the gravy dontcha know?

So I left in the morning and it was 32 degrees again and this time, for the first time since the Dirty Kanza, I got to ride with someone! Brian Eppen thought 100 miles would be the perfect leg stretcher before the local cross race on Sunday. Better him than me, I thought as we rode out of town. Took the usual route out to Downey and down near Lone Tree, rode an awesome B rode that neither of us had ever been on before and then rode south and south and south some more until we were in Columbus Jct for lunch at Caseys! I am a pretty regular 2 piece of pizza eater for my mid-ride break, Brian did that plus a bacon cheeseburger. Amazing!

We turned back north then and enjoyed our earned tailwind. I found a wrench and good golly look at that its actually cycling-useful as its a 15mm! Whoop!

Brian turned in a bit early and I had to slog it out to the East again and roll through West Branch before getting to go home. It was a great day and I am happy to have another one down, just four to go! The camera that has struggled so hard to have any part of documenting any of this process seems to have finally died so I offer up this scanned photo of computer and, more importantly, found wrench!


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  1. 1

    bikeiowa said,

    For those that are interested, the (w)Eppen did win the cross race on Sunday, even after silly miles the day before and yet another mechanical during the race. He is good bike rider!

  2. 2

    ira ryan said,

    i like the multi-dimensional use of technology. good on ya steve.

  3. 3

    Ari said,

    I wish I lived somewhere where I could find someone to ride with.
    I live in the fields of Illinois and there is endless gravel roads out here.

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