Games We Play

Cody and I live on a hill. Its a big hill and not steep but it covers many blocks. Riding home is not easy to do easy, especially this time of year with such big temp swings in a day. We generally arrive home in the granny gear and sweaty, too.

Leaving, however, is another story. Our stored potential energy is released in a flood of momentum and we cruise down our gravel easement and onto Reno St at a good clip. Last week I decided to see how far that energy could take me. No pedaling, just onto the saddle and roll away. Our neighborhood has very few stop signs and lots of uncontrolled intersections which helps.

It goes something like this. Down our sidewalk, to the gravel easement and onto Reno St. Pick up speed, roll a few blocks and another turn. Cruising now and the first uncontrolled intersection looms! Peek through yards and such and get ready to slam on the brakes if a car is there as I pass the last house and cut the corner onto to the apex. Roll through another uncontrolled intersection and then bomb another uncontrolled intersection before turning again at yet another uncontrolled intersection.

Speed goes down quickly here but it is possible to continue without pedaling if your hubs are properly adjusted and you have been lucky enough to not encounter a car yet. After the next turn speed will continue to fall for a bit but then the Earth slopes away again and its off to the races once more! Blow a STOP sign (sorry mum) and cut to the sidewalk for a half block against some one way traffic and then cut a 180 out into the street to hit some other street whose name I can’t remember but is a good slope and pick up lots of speed to blow yet another STOP sign before getting bogged down in the next block and coming to a halt about 10 yards from Iowa Ave.

Eight or Nine blocks coasted! I only have to pedal about 5 blocks to get to work, isn’t that nice?


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