Hump Day Hub-Bubin’

Its Wednesday!  Yesterday I got the afternoon off so I took advantage with a knobby ride.  We in the Iowa City/Core-Of-Evil area have a rapidly developing local system of “unapproved” trails and I spent a couple of hours out tearing it up on them.  It was much fun.  Then we made the first squash soup from scratch of the season and, well, it showed.  We need to alter the recipe for a more full-bodied flavor.  And we will!  Trust me.

Today I got up early and sat around until I got motivated to ride Cody to school.  Then I raced downtown for a quick cappuccino (feeling young today) and then to work a bit early so I could call in to the IBC monthly board conference call.  It is hard to participate and work, my job is noisy and often requires both hands.  I listened intently…

Found a big puddle of water in the storeroom which was traced to the freezer which had an open door and an awful lot of totally thawed food in it.  Disappointing and wasteful.  I suck.  Today I am preparing a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for 50 of my closest people who don’t care about me (at least they pay me) and then tonight I am meeting a fellow BL volunteer at the BL to work on finalizing the rental policy for our enormous cargo trailer.

Two more days then until vacation for a week and a trip home to see the family and a couple more gravel centuries and then two days of cyclo-cross spectation (and maybe racing, but I doubt it) at the Jiggle Cross.

I loaded a bunch of pictures from my Appalachian Trail journey onto the flickr page and have gotten a few of them onto the AT page here if you care.  The order at flickr is way off but you can put together your own time line of the hike based on how dirty my shirt is and how short my hair, Maine comes after Vermont after Mass after Connecticut, etc.  I will get them in order for the journal, I promise.


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    Jay said,

    Funny, we just made butternut squash soup yesterday too. I could send you the recipe we’re using if you’re interested. It’s based on this one out of a wonderful soup cookbook we picked up a few years ago. We’ve modified it since and it’s super tasty. The key is to use good apple cider I think. You know what I could use right now though? A sorori-quote.

  2. 2

    bikeiowa said,

    Well shucks Jay you just go ahead and share any recipes you got, we likes the foods! As to quotes, all I have is the quote that has not been said:

    “Thanks for dinner last night Steve, it was great!”

    boo-hoo for me

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