Paradise City

Pic by K Sugahara and lifted from bikeportland

Many of you may already be aware that there was a Single Speed Cyclo Cross World Championship held this past weekend in Portland, OR. Where else? The event looks to have been way cooler than a hundred miles on Iowa gravel. There is a bootload of info on the web, The always relevant and informative local flavor and Velonews even had a good story with photos online. And what is that in those photos besides lots of skin and bikes and alcohol? A trophy built with love and skill by none other than the Ira!

Photo from by G Notson

In an exclusive telephone interview conducted earlier today Ira told me he will not do the trans-iowa again until they make it twice as far and cut the time limits in half and he also told me how he built the trophy and what from. It wasn’t all that interesting so I will spare you but they did have a heckling contest (I would have won) and a dodge-ball gauntlet and a tequila shortcut and freaking rainbow speedo’s for the champs plus that handily crafted trophy.

Well done Portland and Ira, I am in awe of your awesome awesomeness!


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