Travel, Fellowship & Cross

My break is done, I am back in the bowels of a sorority. What a week! First off was the trip home, the whole family was there and both my parents aged without trouble. Whew!

Next I rode 200 plus a few miles (see previous post) in two days and went out for a sushi feast with Cody and Brian and Robin.

Wednesday was all about resting. I read The Monkey Wrench Gang again over break and many pages were turned on this day. That Ed Abbey sure was brilliantcontroversialfunnysadpassionateandsexist dude. Pull up them survey steaks, kids, wherever you find them but maybe don’t drive a bulldozer off a cliff. Visited Open Shop Night in the Leflers well equipped garage (do you have a Park Tool Schwinn kickstand tool?) for drinking and lie telling.

Thursday we had a visit from old friend and renaissance woman Kim Shafer! A brief bit of catching up and then we we off to the farm that raised Ira for some tasty vittles (shallot casseroll!) and wine and coffee and more wine, thanks so much! A bit of snow had fallen the previous night and it was a cold and beautiful ride out and in, too, under a mostly full moon.

Friday was buy nothing day and I hope you all spent nothing, we did! Not. We spent no money. There it is!  Take that capitalism! More reading and lying around, you know-the free stuff.

Saturday began the Jiggle Cross, Iowa’s first ever UCI bicycle race. Craziness! A good and fun day spent heckling and drinking beer and coffee. Saturday night was the social townie event of the season, a low turnout due to the below freezing temps but folks needed not worry, one banned bike ride through Hickory Hill Park and we were all sweating properly. Beers at the Legion until they kicked us out. Sunday was day 2 of the Jiggle Cross and the racing was fast and furious once more. Pictures will be ready tomorrow so I will do a better race report when I have them.

Back to work then!


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