Jingle Cross Wrap-Up

This past weekend the big UCI cross races were raced right here in Iowa City.

The 100 person field thundering into the barriers on the first lap was quite a sight.

Beers were drunk and run-ups were run

Team-mates worked together

The fans heckled, cheered, got drunk, took off their shirts…

Dreams were born!

Pants removed…

The mulleted men of Chequamegon 2007 worked together again

Todd Wells rode the run up every lap and won both days. Jeesh.

And one of these wild and crazy guys (<–) got some UCI points!

It was a grand time. I was super impressed with Todd Wells, the day 2 run up had a tight corner at the bottom and a couple of logs down to make riders dismount. On Todd’s first warm up lap he came around the corner and rode over the logs but lost enough momentum he had to clip out. He turned around, rode about 10 feet away from the logs and had another try and easily made it. Brian Mater, midwest mountain bike phenom, tried four or five times and never made it. First lap of the race Tilford got in front of Wells before the climb but it did not matter, he was still able to ride the climb and he got a gap the first time up. Tristan Schouten stayed with him for a few laps and I think he rode the climb once but that was it, he exploded and Wells rode solo most of the day. It is nice to remember in this day and age where lots of top riders are accused of drug use that a big part of racing and winning is bike handling skill and natural ability and such and Todd Wells sure does have some of them “mad skillz” the kids are always talking about.


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