Take This Request & Stuff It

Last night Cody and I went down to the Old Capital Brewery to drink a couple of huge beers and help stuff (1,400!) envelopes for the IBC’s year end give us your money drive. There was a pretty large group of helpies and we cranked the job out in just a couple of hours. We shared a table with our old boss from the International World of Bikes, Ryan. Chatted about bikes and babies and such. A few of you lucky readers will be receiving “special” messages on your envelopes in addition to the regular pleas. Don’t be angry, I was drinking when I wrote them. Just give money to the IBC, it works for all of us!

So this has been a light week of riding. Just the usual car-free livin’ commuting stuff plus a couple of extendo-townies and a nice hike. I also defied in-house oddsmakers and lifted weights again this morning! I’m gonna get all burly and stuff.

Uploaded a new weblog header image – that is me on my old Univega with tubular spinergy wheels riding up Snake Alley whilst Ira cheers me on with beer in hand and cowbell a clangin’. Those were the scariest wheels I have ever owned. Ira is wearing not just that Cannonball helmet but also my super schnazzy green suede Hush Puppies but you can’t see them as they don’t fit in the header. Maybe I will pan down next week so you can see what you’re missing.

The weather looks downright epic this weekend so I am not going to do any stinking 100 mile rides, I have a month to ride 2 and I have almost 2 weeks of that time off so no reason to rush it and wind up with a head cold or bulbous quads or anything like that.


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  1. 1

    Anonymous said,

    Picture looks like Ira is going for a head(er) of his own with beer gut guy. Wink Wink.


  2. 2

    bikeiowa said,

    Hey there Gritty, thanks for stopping by and chatting! I love that picture, the entire frame is better, I will share it. The beer gut is impressive and the rest of the spectators are “reserved” we should say with midwestern folded arms and neutral expressions unaffected by Ira’s enthusiasm. Suckers!

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