The Off Season

I seem to have dove into rest mode.  We got a wintery storm last weekend and it delivered, in typical Iowa fashion, not enough snow to ski or snowshoe on and lots of rain and ice.  Then it got really cold.  In an ideal world I would be happy to hang up the bikes except for townie rides, leave the skis dusty and cheerfully enjoy my rest, looking forward to a recharged return to the active life sometime around January first, preferably on skis.  But, I have to ride two more centuries this year.  WHY!?!?!?!?

Ah well, I will get them done, even if I have to put platform pedals on the Bridgestone and roll for 12 to 14 hours.  I have stuck with my weightlifting routine for a whole week now, I have that going for me.

In other news I am 90% committed on my Ira frame and fork.  A few details to work out and it will 100% be in Ira’s capable hands.  I look forward to a shiny new ride come spring.

Lots of reading has been occupying my now sprawling spare time.  The World Without Us is full of useful and depressing information but with a zenlike “It all works out in the end” feel to it.  I also picked up a book called Last Breath which tells lots of stories about people dying (and a few who survive!) while doing extreme things like bike racing and swimming in the ocean.  It has lots of physiological information about how our bodies attempt to cope with heat and cold and long walks off short piers and the like.

That is all for today, I must cook!


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    ari said,

    Just received the Ira Porteur bike and I was really impressed. In Sycamore we have lots of Ice and we are sitting at about 7 degrees right now. Went for a mile ride last night and almost lost my ears. I guess it is time to chill out and hit the rollers. I wanted to do a couple more long rides this year but weather is not cooperating. Hope for a thaw, hope for a thaw.
    take care,

  2. 2

    bikeiowa said,

    Hey there Ari, thanks for buying a bike from my friend Ira and keeping him in business! You should race that bike at the trans-iowa. Its the only bike to win it, lets keep that tradition alive. Iras not going to do it and I’m sure not going to do it so its up to you. I’d hate to see a trek win or something like that because then the next thing you know Gary Fisher is there drinking cheap beer and leering at everybody. Why doesn’t he just get into politics already?

    Oh, yeah, so anyway, enjoy your Ira and the winter – get a hat, they work!

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