So a week ago I was townie riding and I found this enormous and beautiful feather.

I liked it so much I decided to take it home and shoot an out of focus picture of it to share on my weblog. Mission accomplished! Road prizes do not always have to have been made in China, some can be homegrown. In other road prize news, the winter weather continues and, as a car free liver I take great joy in not only slipping and sliding around town on my bike but also in watching the “silly” crowd scraping windshields and peeling out to get out of their parking spaces and such. Riding around on Sunday I saw an ice scraper with a built in glove lying in the road and I rode on by, not all road prizes are worth the effort, like 6 pack of Coke or one size fits all headband primes.


We made a great meal the other day, potato and mushroom gratin with spinach salad.

G to the B to the D.

As a cooker for the overprivileged it is my duty to “bring home the bacon” which I do

most Monday mornings with the help of Hy-Vee and their amazing smilin’ aisles. I also get deliveries from Hawkeye foodservice. It makes me sad to deal with so much packaging but I take heart knowing that at least I am making sure it is recycled plus I appreciate that while most of these young women of tomorrow drive the 8 blocks to class in an SUV with Illinois plates at least they live together and limit their environmental impact because of it. Kinda like NYC, I hope.


Jiggle X photos keep pouring in, check out this psychafreakapotomus!

And whats not to love about a kid in jean shorts doing the beginner race?


Finally, as promised, the best in cycle racing photography, in full lurid detail!

Mars Blackman was right, IT’S GOTTA BE THE SHOES!


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  1. 1

    Jay said,

    You should throw those Spinergys on your townie. You could call it the Schwinnergy………..or something.

    Also, my eyes can’t help but be drawn in by that guy’s overflowing gut in the blue shirt. It’s truly mesmerizing. Watch out, Ira!

    Also also, is that ‘whipped topping’ I see on the bottom shelf of that cart? So much for putting that sorori-myth (or is it?) to rest.

  2. 2

    bikeiowa said,

    The spinergys are gone, which is too bad as I would love to get some Dugast tires and go full bore at the CX season. Oh, its over. Bummer…

    No comment on the toppings, but I did overhear this the other day:

    “He’s, like, WAY intelligent and I told him that intimidates me.”

    So subtle…

  3. 3

    Chesty said,

    you’re an inspiration to us all steve!

  4. 4

    Ari said,

    That photo is so amazing! I swear I stared at it and just kept finding more and more detailsl about it. I got myself a balaclava and a windproof hat. I might ride the Ira ryan
    If I can afford the parts by then. I hate corporate bikes and have gotten rid of all of
    them. Ira makes a great bike and I will ride it with pride. I also met the guys at
    Waterford and they make sturdy, “merican make frames with true temper pipes.
    I want the weather to break to do a couple of must do rides before years end.
    Hope all is well,

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