Weeks End Report

The last few days were busy yet relaxing. Friday was the busiest, starting at the little community bike project that could. The weather was not ideal for cycling if you are not

into plowing through snow drifts and slipping about. We had coffee and muffins and serious conversation.

The score of folks who rode?

BL Volunteers: 3

IC Cycle Commuters: 2

Each side also scored for a pedestrian. Thanks for coming out, everyone!

After the BL it was off to work and fixing a holiday party for 100. I cooked myself silly and everything went off with nary a hitch. At 8pm I was out of there and off to another holiday party at the Leflers, with Cody, of course. We first met their new puppy Ridley,

who may have partied harder than anyone that night as there were lots of dogs. This is him late in the evening. I drank a 40 all by myself for some reason. Here Jim verifies

that it is not a “clunker”. We played games and my ability to focus got fuzzier. Kim

West, legal counsel for many an orphan was there, as were many good friends. Pat got

belligerent about 2am which is always a good time to flee so Cody and I did. A great party, thanks to the Leflers!

Saturday, then, was a day of rest. Woke up late. Watched the cats amuse themselves.

Kim stopped by on his way back to Des Moines for coffee and conversation and I went with him to the dog park before bidding him farewell and walking home. I was feeling a bit disconnected from my bikes so up to the Bridgestone I sidled and onto its saddle I sprang to go see what the gravel roads were like. Very clear and icy only in spots! But it was 10 degrees. An hour and a half had my toes cold and I was happy to be home. Continued the relaxation with garlic soup and a sweeping epic of a Chinese film.

Sunday was laundry and relaxing and I got out the skis and the super ski tube and rode

over to the nicely groomed U of I cross country course to have a go. It was a nice ride over and I saw the Eppens in the parking lot, they were just ready to leave. I rode over to say hello and biffed it on the ice. Embarrassing… A quick chat and then I was off. I had brought the skate skis and I am not a good skate skier. I may not be a good classic skier either but sometimes I can get the “slap” going and I don’t fall down much. I crashed four times on this outing but actually felt like I was doing okay with the skate technique. I skid to the mall (funny) and back and was ready to go, its a good idea to ease into skiing I think. I was having a swell ride home when I biffed it again on some ice, this time in hi-def slo-mo and really hard, too. My right knee came down on the back of my stem and my wimper of pain came out in digital surround sound. I lay on the sidewalk for a few minutes wondering if my career was over and as luck often has it, it wasn’t! I rode gingerly home and we went out for Chinese food.  Today the knee feels better but is still sore.

The End


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  1. 1

    Gritty said,

    Thanks for posting your ski carrying contraption. I’ve been trying to figure out a good way to get them to and fro that leaves both hands on the bars. I am always up for a ski, so please email if you would like company- grittystash (at) yahoo (dot) com. Peace.

  2. 2

    Gretchen Holst said,

    Thought of you guys at this link:

    Hope all is well!!!~~~~
    Much peace.

  3. 3

    mos rev said,

    not necessarily the answer to my prayers, but certainly the answer to my phone request. thanks so much. i’m going to the pcv shop tomorrow before i go skiing.

    by the way, i had a great time with cody and steve at their house. thanks, folks.

  4. 4

    bikeiowa said,

    Yes-um, Gritty, we should ski if we ever again get the opportunity!

    Always nice to hear from you Gretchen, thanks for the link, the pothole picture is super cool and reminds of a bigger than the car pothole I once encountered in Russia. We got it good, its true!

    Kim, you are most always welcome, and your little doggie too!

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