A Crumb-y Book Report

The weather has been downed right wintry outside and while I did sneak away for a ride and a ski last weekend all other physical exercise has been limited to townie style slippery and slidery commuting. I told you the weight lifting would not last… Mental exercise has been rampant, however. I have been reading many books. I’d like to tell you about two.

First, Need More Love by Aline Kominsky Crumb. I liked it. The last section featured a lengthy interview with her where she talked about style and shopping and the like and I could have done without that but it was easy to skip it and the rest of the book was a very complete memoir of her life in both the comic and written medium. From growing up on LongGuyland surrounded by mafia style near-do-wells to the peyote infested wilds of the Great American Southwest to California and its burgeoning populations of vinyl-behutted rednecks to the South of France where she lives with her husband you might have heard of.

Having been charmed to the point of ordering one of these I decided to continue my Crumb family studies so I took The R. Crumb Handbook by R. Crumb down from our shelf and had a look at it. I have been listening to the free! cd that came with this book since we got it (and it is excellent, by the way) but had not so much as snuck a peak at the book contents. It is much different than Aline’s book and even more satisfying as he speaks not of fashion but sticks to his strengths and tells how his life helped developed them. You might know what the strengths are, I can’t get into them as my mom reads my blog. Hi mom, thanks for reading! As it turns out this book was well worth my time and I recommend it to you, whether you are a Crumb fan who bought Issue #1 of ZAP comics from a hippie in Nevada, IA or you are just hearing of him for the first time.




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  1. 1

    Mom said,

    Hi Son–I think I’m a little more broadminded than you give me credit for–exactly what are his strengths? Love, Mom

  2. 2

    ari said,

    Are we getting shut down for long distance riding? Sycamore is covered in an sheet
    of ice. I was hoping to get out today. I might bust out the studded tires and see what the gravel is like. Too early in winter to have this happen.

  3. 3

    bikeiowa said,

    well mum, I was only using your good name, er, title to skirt describing his career in detail. They did it in the book nicely and I was getting tired of typing so I took the easy way out. Sorry.

    and ari, just do what you gotta do!

  4. 4

    mos rev said,

    yeah–what ARE his strengths, stevie? maybe i have similar strengths, but since i fired my coach, i have no idea what my strengths–or weaknesses–might be.

  5. 5

    mos rev said,

    hey! where’s my picture? why are YOU the only one with a picture?

    jimmy’s getting mad!

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