Goings On

It was a grand weekend at the House O’ G!

Friday night was the Bike Library steering committee meeting and while sometimes these affairs can be contentious and even (just once, no charges filed) bloody this time saw all volunteers in good spirits. The BL is ready to rise to even greater heights in 2008! We drank some beers, that was fun.

Saturday, our hearts filled with the Wholly Biking Spirit, Cody and I decided to keep it in the big ring and we went down to the Bike Library to work the Saturday shift. It was fun, we moved some product and each fixed up a bike. Not to brag but the bike I fixed up was way bigger than the bike Cody fixed up. I took a picture of it but don’t have it with me, I will present it later for your oh and ah.

Here it is then, the Centurion!  Yours for $45.00!

Saturday afternoon I got really tired and took a nap rather than a ski or a ride. Ah well… Then the mail came! Yipee! It was full of holiday wishes and bills and stuff but also a book that I had ordered about a round the world bike ride! The journey was so long that it required two books to tell the tale and this was the second, I already read the first. It was a great read, covering his boat journey from Cape Town to Rio, the bus ride down to the southern tip of the Americas and his ride North to Alaska. Then it keeps going and tells of the ride over Siberia in the winter (holy crap!) and the fun times in Asia all the way across the continent and through Europe and home. Its a beast of a journey and I highly recommend the book to you all.

Sunday was spent reading that book and going for a ride. It had snowed plenty on Saturday and was very pretty. I went out for two and a half hours on the cross bike and explored the gravel. All was well but for a couple of treacherous B roads. The temp was hanging around 20f and that feels a lot warmer than last weekends 10f. It is nice going out to ride gravel and not riding it for 100 miles but I still need two more gravel centuries this year. Feels a lot like work, I wish now I had started this silly challenge earlier in the year. Luckily this is my last week of work so I will crack them out before the calender gets switched. I hope.

This morning I registered for Ouachita. I went for the 60 mile option, I am interested in the 80 miler but I have never raced a mountain bike further than 40 miles before and I don’t want to destroy myself. Talking to folks that have rolled this race before it sounds like 60 miles will be plenty…

Will I have that new knobby bike or will the Bridgestone get the call? Only my tax refund knows for sure.

Until we blog again!


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  1. 1

    dude! that race looks rad. makes me wanna do it but it is a lot farther for me out in the land of lumberjacks and salmon. excited about more touring in 2008.
    building a touring bike for rachel soon. maybe a double date tour? ahhhhhh.

  2. 2

    ari from Chicago said,

    Seems like this week the temps will go above freezing in Sycamore. Saturday is supposed to rain and be around 40. I hope to get a century in before years end. Good luck on yours.

  3. 3

    Cody G. said,

    Kids need bikes, too!

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