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I was spending a bit of my screen time today poking around in the corners of Alastair’s website and I see that you can read his books about his round the world bike ride for free, if you can stand reading a book on a computer or have lots of printer paper. I am happy to have bought both books (I loaned the first book out to someone and I can’t remember who, if it is you, please return my book so Cody can read it and then I can loan it to other people, too!) but you should do what you want to do so if you want to read them but don’t want to pay for them here they are! Get cracking!

His website has some great photo slideshows of his trip, too. It is such rousing stuff, I just want to go and take five years and ride around the world. Its not a hard feeling to get over, though. I had a pretty stellar year in the company of Cody and cats! We built a nice sleeping loft in our house. I raced Kent Park and the Dirty Kanza 200 and Chequamegon (finally!) and did a couple of other mountain bike races and read the entire Harry Potter story and we went to Portland, OR by train and went on a three day bike tour on a tandem and I rode lots of long gravel rides this fall and we helped put together Iowa City’s Bike to Work Week and ran two pancake breakfasts to kick it all off and I started my very own weblog and we did lots of volunteering down at the Bike Library and there was so much more. I’m just happy with all of it, riding around the world would be pretty amazing but I like it where I am and am looking forward to seeing what 2008 has in store. I’ll keep you posted!


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    Ari said,

    IN 07 I was glad to move away from the suburbs and into the country. Riding out here
    is great and I had a lot of great commutes and some awesome gravel rides. I think that
    the gravel roads are a great treasure and for 08 I will be building up the ira porteur bike
    and doing some camping with the wife. I wish the best to you guys. Let me know if you
    squeeze in that century.

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    bikeiowa said,

    Good on ya, Ari!

    I forgot to give proper due to one of my favorite 2007 memories, the trip to Trans-Iowa! I was no way in hell going to race it or even ride it but I was happy to be there at the start to watch the sillies roll away and yell “SUCKERS” at them as they did.

    Good times…

    It was a good weekend in Decorah hanging out with Deke and Moffit and the usual Decorah drinkers. Missed the Captain, though. It was nice being woken up by Ira, too, after he won. I was happy to hear him say never again. He’s a smarty that one!

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    Ben said,

    Here’s a link of interest regarding a bike ride around the world….

    Probably familiar faces

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