So there is this whole big thing going on in Iowa about banning bikes and group rides and who knows what else and there has been some local activity that prompted me to write this letter to our local paper. It was published yesterday.  Here it is for you non-paper readers, I hope it helps!

I was at the Johnson County Board of Supervisors meeting last week, and I commethe supervisors for their decision to take no action on the Iowa State Association of Counties resolution regarding cyclists use of county roads.

This is a clear erosion of cyclists’ rights that is as unnecessary as it is misguided. As a long time bicycle commuter and recreational rider happily living car free right here in Iowa City I thank the Supervisors for their action and urge my legislators to follow their example. Iowa needs to encourage cycling, not discourage it. And let’s get some passenger rail service while we’re at it.

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  1. 1

    ari said,

    Is this a joke? Are you serious? I thought this country was moving foward. The one reason
    I moved away from the suburbs was to get away from traffic and enjoy the country roads.
    What is going on in Iowa that would prompt such crazy behaviour? Please explain.

  2. 2


    they’re iowans: you can give them haircuts, put them in socks and shoes, and make them wear shirts and pants, but, below the “fancy dressing,” they’re STILL iowans.

    it’s like orthodontia: you can put on the braces, force the teeth into a nice, even smile, and smile at how nice they look, but without retainers, those damned teeth will revert to their nasty, crooked ways.

    and anyway, by god, when you turn 16, you drive cars–not bikes.

    i think that’s how the logic goes. i hope this helps.
    –the mostly reverend

  3. 3

    ari said,

    Well………if we can’t ride on the road……and can’t ride on the sidewalk…..should we
    just ride indoors on rollers? To think that in the old days bikes ruled the roads of America.
    I hate those dissapointments. Other cities and states , like Oregon, really work on these
    issues. Too bad.
    Keep riding,

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