Ski Bummin’

Its a brand new year and the same old song and dance. I am still on vacation.  Just two more weeks.  Not much riding, I have been happy to get out and ski. I have been going to Hickory Hill Park. It is really pretty and the trails are mostly narrow and have some rocking good curvy descents.

There is no grooming and everything gets beat up quickly as dogs and people and deer tromp all over but it is still a good time. By far the best thing about it for me is that I can drop my skis on the ground right outside my front door and shoosh away. It is awesome doing that!

Another benefit of any public park is the free public art like this Snow O

The Planks Of Doom always trip me up and may break my ski tips off some day…

Yes, skiing in Hickory Hill can change my whole perspective.


Sadly, as the national political process moves forward and the presidential contenders move on they are going to take their chilly demeanors and snow-job speeches with them and the clouds of exhaust from their retreating motorcades will hit us hard with a localized warming effect. Goodbye winter, its been fun and I hope to see you again real soon.

Might just have to break down and do a bike race on Saturday.


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    […] thermometer.  A good skate with Brian at Ashton followed up by two nights of classic striding in Hickory Hill, which was in great shape!  14 days on skis this season!  Whoop!  Hollah!  Whoop!  I took a […]

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