Don’t Throw MY Vote Away

The other day I rode my bike downtown to do something or other and I saw a big dumpster full of office furniture. It caught my eye because it was in the street taking up a few of Iowa City’s valuable parking spaces. These parking spaces are right in front of the office building that used to house the local offices of the many presidential campaigns we had just endured.

I skipped over to take a look and shucks, that furniture looks fine and usable and covered in Hillary Clinton bumper stickers! Yeah team, you are going to change the world!

Hillary has a bold and comprehensive plan to address America’s energy and environmental challenges that will establish a green, efficient economy and create as many as five million new jobs.

Hooray, that sounds good, but thats not all! More from Hillary:

We can empower individuals with new tools and technology to lead the green revolution one home, one car and one business at a time. These choices determine the energy we use, the carbon we emit, and the world we leave for our children. I believe, when called upon, Americans will choose a clean energy future. This generation can become the Greenest Generation. We only need to light a spark – and that’s what I’ll do as president.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle? Hillary and her campaign are 0 for 3 on that basic environmental mantra.  This sort of stuff is really upsetting.  A dumpster full of functional office furniture and supplies will forever rest in our landfill.  Way to light that Green Generation spark, Hillary.  You stink.





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  1. 1

    Sam said,

    I saw that too. Perfectly good office furniture that was probably donated to the campaign, thrown
    out like nothing. University Surplus would have taken it for sure.

  2. 2

    ira ryan said,

    hell in a handbasket my friends, hell in a handbasket! i don’t know about you all but i think i’m gonna go play some video games and buy some def leppard t-shirts cause i care about nutrition!

  3. 3

    […] in a handbasket? g. pickle’s post across the hall that i thought really hits the nail on the head. on a similar note, i heard on NPR […]

  4. 4

    Jay said,

    Nice Dead Milkmen ref there.

  5. 5

    ari from Chicago said,

    Gas is almost 8 dollars a gallon in Europe. In spain they decided to make bike trails everywhere and also they have these bikes that you can take and ride everywhere. I commute with a nissan 1.6L car and I get blown away on the highway with the large suvs. Not only are we driving big cars but they also push those large masses at 80+ mph. When the estimated MPG is 13 that dramatically drops when speeding like that.
    We are in trouble,

  6. 6

    Dylan said,

    Hey, this is really unfortunate. I just sent the link to treehugger…that’s really a shame! Thanks for the read!

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