DM Smack Up & Down

The trip to Des Moines is in the books. Bikes were summited and Tarik was well met. We left Iowa City early Thursday morning to check out the action at the Capital building but a winter storm stopped us cold (heh, heh) and we retreated to wait for safer and sunnier travel. Made it over in the afternoon and found that no one from the Des Moines cycling community had shoveled Kim’s driveway or sidewalk! Come on people, the man has a broken clavicle! Of course he would not do the same for you but you can bet he will get you out of jail when you find yourself in so please, help a brother out! I shoveled the walks and drives.

Not much to do so Cody and I walked to the Art Center and looked over the pretty pictures. Friday the action hotted up. Coffee. Met Tarik at the airport. Lunch. Coffee.

Very cold walk in the woods around the Art Center. Got Tarik settled in at Chad and Dorothys and had a nice dinner and beer drinking experience.

Saturday we dropped in on the Iowa Bicycle Coalition Bike Summit and spent a few

hours learning about Safe Routes to School and bike racks and the like. Took a short

break in the afternoon and then went down to Bike Night. It was a good time, about 1oo

people there. Talked with some IBC heavyweights and had a beer at the Locust tap with Cody and Jen and Scott Sumpter and Luggs and Kyle Robinson, too.

Tarik’s talk was great, if you missed it you owe it to yourself to see it someday, if you

saw it long will you think back on it and smile. Much thanks to the IBC for bringing him and to Tarik for coming! Another beer at the super smoky Locust Tap wrapped the evening up.

Sunday morning we had one last group coffee date before we left for Iowa City. Tarik spent his afternoon being ably cared for by Chad and Dorothy before returning home to New Mexico and I give them my sincerest thanks for being great hosts. It was a great weekend in Des Moines and bicycling will be better for it, trust me!


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    great write-up. makes me feel like i was almost there, instead of just floating along on my pain meds.
    thank you for visiting and staying with me, and thanks also for:
    1–shoveling my sidewalk and driveway; AND
    2–for tidying up the house.

    you guys are welcome at the orphanage ANYTIME.

    by the way, readers: i went with g pickle and cody to pickup tarik at des moines international, and as we approached the orphanage, tarik approvingly said “AH, IT’S PURPLE!!”

    for those NOT in the know, g pickle is the person for actually painting my house. he’s MORE than just a snappy chef–he’ll satisfy your caulking needs lickety-split.

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