Dr King Day, Hooray!

Monday our Nation honored Martin Luther King, jr by giving folks a day off. It is easy for cynics to say that such an act misses the very message that he promoted but that argument misses the message, too.

A holiday honors the man and brings his legacy back to the fore yearly. It is an opportunity to educate people about his work and the things he helped accomplish. Those already in the know (excepting those that have to work, its not a holiday for all of course) must make a decision about how to spend the day. Go to the mall and shop for the perfect outfit to wear to yoga class? Ski? Watch the tv? Get blotto?

Many people choose to make the world a better place and help their fellow human by volunteering on Martin Luther King Day. Here in Iowa City the U of I organizes a civic engagement program that organizes volunteers all over Iowa City with various groups that need help. The Bike Library has participated the past two years and this year we hosted eight people and got them to do our dirty work!

It was a full house as we had 3 wranglers and 8 helpers

Lots got done, many wheels dismantled for salvage, lots of kids bikes rearranged and a few parted out for hot rod projects, lots of cleaning and organizing of the computer files and the parts bins. A fine day I must say and the Bike Library is ready to open for the 2008 season!

Big thanks to Cody (Now back on the web!) and 20¢ for their help


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  1. 1

    here’s the beauty of your way to observe martin luther king, jr, day:

    in the holy scriptures of the church of the two-wheeled scam, 1st steve, chapter 4, verses 35 and 36, it is written that
    “while it IS better to give than receive, the ultimate goal is to both give AND receive. when you can do that on a regular basis, then you’re gonna do just fine, baby, just fine.”

    well, HERE, g pickle GAVE these eight folks the opportunity to GIVE of their time and talents, and in return, on behalf of the bike library, he RECEIVED the sweet fruits of their labors.

    everyone benefits from this karmic daisy chain.

  2. 2

    20 cent said,

    Blotto! What a fantastic word and a great morning!

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