Call Me Milk Bone

Went skiing today. The tracks did not start at my front door but the exercise did. I hooked up the Super-Toober to the Touring Townie and rolled over to the Ashton course to skate ski. I have already confided that I am a poor skate skier but I have the equipment and the snow is looking to get sloppy so I thought I should give it a try. I rode over Ashton and headed out. It was not freshly groomed but was still way better than Hickory Hill. I love going skiing at the groomed places because I see lots of people I know. Today I bumped into some Team Skin folk and a graduate student and I saw lots of other people out. I skied two complete loops and two trips out to the mall and back. JMC told me it is 5 miles per so I think that is the furthest I have ever skated in one go! I felt okay, crashed just twice and met a nice man who gave me some pointers. I also got bit by a dog.

It was a ridiculous situation, two people with a dog that had previously barked at me in a vicious manner had the dog on a leash but let go of it. As I approached from behind I called out “excuse me” from about 10 yards back as I am a share the multi-use path kind of guy but they did not budge. I double poled by and was not surprised when their dog charged me but was surprised when it punctuated its barking by biting my knee. I yelled, the dog ran off and they blamed me for the incident! I told them they needed to have the dog on a leash and as they picked up the trampled and clearly snow covered leash they told me that it was. I told them that was crap and they started to leave. I got them to stop so I could check and see if the bite had broken skin and they did but all the while assured me that this was my fault. I told them not to blame the victim and we engaged in a bit more arguing. No skin was broken so I let them go but that was not cool. I mostly feel bad for the dog. I am all for nice and well behaved dogs off leash but if your dog has issues you need to deal with it and care for it. If this dog does bite someone badly it will be the end of the dog and that is not right.

It was still a beautiful day and I had some great skiing.  I hope to get out again tomorrow.  Maybe I will see you out there!


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  1. 1

    NJ said,

    Totally your fault. As one of my ski instructors told me when I was a kid learning defensive skiing out in Utah “The pointy end is for poking on-coming skiiers.”
    Same rule applies for pets, possibly pet owners too.

    Sorry to hear you were bitten.

  2. 2

    20 cent said,

    sorry dude. i hope you’re ok!

  3. 3

    ari said,

    Sucks. My pal and I were chased by a loose Doberman in a forest preserve and while we were being chased my friend called the police and the owners got hefty tickets. Then they
    got mad at us for calling the cops. Hey , I don’t like to get bitten by Dobermans.
    Not Cool,

  4. 4

    bikeiowa said,

    Well crud, I never had a ski instructor but I will remember the advice! Today the trails were freshly groomed and I got first tracks, was bitten by no dogs and surprised myself by skiing pretty well despite my effort yesterday. I am hoping the snow will hang on through this warm spell and keep us skiing a while longer.

  5. 5

    Jay said,

    How, exactly, did they come to the conclusion that it was your fault? I like (most) dogs, but I often don’t understand their owners. Like the people who don’t bring a bag with them to clean up after their dog, much less the ones who are cool with their pet biting people and then telling them it was their fault!? I would have been quite pissed indeed.

  6. 6

    i remember hearing or reading once that in a situation as you described it is perfectly okay for the “victim” [ie, you] to bite the dog owner, and then say it was their fault.

    i think that’s how it went…

  7. 7

    Squirrel said,

    I love dogs, but I will not hesitate too punch/kick one square in the nose if I feel that it is coming at me in a threating manner. I need to try this ski stuff…seems like alot of mates are doing it around here too.


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