What could be funner than an hour of intervals on the trainer? An hour of intervals on the trainer with a great movie playing, of course!
Yep I rode the trainer this week. Which can mean only one thing, I am looking to improve on my top 35 finish at Kent Park. Last year I was two detours into the ditch from sticking the front group and this year I aim to stay on the road the whole race so look out. I needs me some pie.
It has been a busy week. Back at work, Bike to Work Week meeting, Commuter Coffee at the BL this morning. I also found the time to ride outside twice and go for a hike. Hoping for another fab weekend of skiing as the previous melt subsided and we got some more snow so we will see what the groomers (bless their souls) can do with it.
Sorori-quote(s!) for Jay:
  • Fuck You!

and, an unrelated conversation:

  • I just don’t feel like showering anymore…
  • Omygod, I wore the same clothes for like two days! It was kinda gross…
I apologize for the vulgarity of these quotes that were overheard and noted just today during lunch of Chicken Tortilla Soup. I feel it is important in this post 9-11 world to show the gritty realities of life honestly and from all angles so that we can be more in touch with our inner us’s. It is not all pillow fights and grilled cheese sandwiches around here.



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  1. 1

    chad said,

    kent Park sets the tone for the whole year! It’s my only “A” race. What ever that means.

  2. 2

    Ari said,

    that some funny stuff. I want to see the dusty gravel again!! Cross bike on ice tomorrow.
    What out for the doggies!!

  3. 3

    Jay said,

    Thanks! I, like, totally wore the same clothes two days in a row too! On a somewhat related note, while I was out shoveling the fresh 8″ of powder off our sidewalk/driveway last night, this cohort (member?) of the temporary frat house across the street shouts at me, “now come shovel my driveway, bitch!”, as he rolled slowly by in his black Mercury sedan. I know it was one of the fratboys, as a big group of them had just left the house after the Super Bowl and piled into their cars up the street. Maybe I should start doing a Frat Quote of the Day? We shall see.

  4. 4

    bikeiowa said,

    Thats so rude.

    Next time tell him or his ilk to, ” shut up and go back to Kalona, freshman!”

    That’ll show em’!

  5. 5

    Jay said,


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