Weekend Wonderland

The crazy Iowa winter continues! After the previous weekend of skate skiing and dog wrasslin’ all our snow melted leaving us with sheets of ice and a working week of riding.

I was going to do a gravel road race on Saturday until the heavens again opened up and covered us once more in snow. Hitched a ride to McBride with Brian. It was not groomed but was fun for classic. We did a couple of hours and I was so sore from it I did not think I would get out on Sunday until the Eppens reported fine conditions on the Coralville Reservoir so I contacted Brian and once again we skied! It looked like this.

Brian likes the skiing

We went North from the dam

The Eppens told us the bridge was not far enough today…

McCoy Boys Representin’

Student Loan, Yo!


The spillway! Our turnaround point. We had already been skiing for as long as I had been intending to go today, and we were only halfway done…

The unknown North. Could we ski to Cedar Rapids someday?

Heading back South, into the wind. I thought the car would be around every point, but it turns out it was just around one. I got dangerously close to bonking and it started to snow.

We fell out of our skis and mighty depleted we were after three and a half hours or so.

Brian is still smilin’ and the snow is coming down. It would not stop until we had eight fresh new inches. I spent the afternoon curled up on the couch recuperating with Wonder Boys and Ritchie.

He’s got pink toes!

This morning we got hit with thunderstorms and much of the snow is now slush. Will we be able to ski it or not I wonder?


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  1. 1

    Brian said,

    I do like the skiing. And I like your ski pictures. So much that I took one and posted it. I gave you credit. As long as you cite other people’s work its not stealing right? At least, that is how my students look at it. Great weekend though, and it looks like another big storm will be rolling through Tuesday night.

  2. 2

    ari said,

    I truly don’t understand the weather anymore. May Al Gore is right after all.

  3. 3

    bikeiowa said,

    Brian, I owe you much more than a picture after you carted me out not once but twice! And you hooked me up with the glide wax elixer that saved my Saturday ski to boot! Coffee beer, you name it my friend and it is yours.

    how do you spell elixer anyways?

  4. 4

    kim said,

    Great Pics–makes me miss Iowa. Happy SuperTuesday! Hillary takes MA!

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