Serenity Now, Damn It

I skied to work today, how cool is that? We are getting a pile of snow and I love it! As I shooshed down the quiet streets of Iowa City I passed three stuck cars and many many many cars that were in the process of being dug out. Suckers! No sooner than I had lunch “working” as we call it in the biz and the House Marm came in and told me the U had canceled classes which means I get a day off! But, as I already had started the cooking process and she told me she was going to serve everything in disposable containers I told her I would stay and serve lunch and do the dishes and such before cleaning up and taking off. I love our planet so much, a small price to pay for my continued use of it. A free afternoon is a good deal anyway and now I have time to spend updating my blog!

The snow had started yesterday and I got in a good hour of skiing in Hickory Hill last night. Cody is not feeling well. I am still reading Wonder Boys and I must say that is one amazing book. You should read it! Yes, you, who else do you think I am talking to? Jeesh.

We got a big pile of Momentum magazine in the mail from Ira, if you are local and want one let me know and we can arrange a back alley delivery. In other mail news, I got an email from the promoters of the Dirty Kanza just letting me know that registration is open. How nice is that? I tell ya I swore that event off after last year but as with all things painful but in the rearview mirror, I’m thinking about it. A little.  Those are some good people running that thing.

Last thing, here is a sneak peek of Cody’s swell comic of the Bike Coalition Summit and Bike Night with Tarik. Available now in the January issue of Awkwardly Put wherever fine zines are found!


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  1. 1

    njm said,

    Wonder Boys? Doesn’t that book just make you want to smoke big bowl everytime you sit down to read it? Or maybe it could cure that desire… Either way I felt a little dirty after reading it.

  2. 2

    DG said,

    I don’t know if you saw the reply on MTBR, but if you need a ride down to that shindig in KS I’ll be headed that way.

    You and your skiing, you’re tempting me to go snooping through second hand stores looking for my own.


  3. 3

    Tarik said,

    Wow. That is quite an honor! Thanks cody! I recognized my SW fashion victim outfit from a mile off.


  4. 4

    bikeiowa said,

    1. Maybe I should try Wonder Boys on tape played backwards, I don’t feel dirty after reading it or feel like smoking a bowl or even a plate. To each their own!

    2. Dennis, you should have skis! Still unsure on the DK, thanks for the offer!

    3. Tarik, I too feel honored when Cody puts me in her comics, its pretty cool.

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