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Daily Idoit or Dumb Iowan? Call it what you will the Daily Iowan is the primary news source for many students at the UI. Often its articles are poorly written, badly researched or simply vapid. Today, however, the Opinions Page offered up some quality. Of course there was the usual Friday column by our own beloved 20¢, which is always the papers weekly redeemer, but throw in a letter by me and a scathing open letter to motorists and there you have it, the DI’s finest hour.

I’ll go first:

Ed Board misses two of three ‘R’s’

By focusing on recycling as the solution to the problem of unnecessary eyesores littering campus, the DI Editorial Board clearly shows it neither understands nor is committed to the ideals of environmental stewardship. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. You presented the three R’s of environmental stewardship and then ignored their message. To bring you up to speed, the three R’s are presented in order of importance. You will notice that Reduce comes first. That means reduce your consumption. Don’t buy it, and you don’t have to recycle it. Reuse is next. If you must buy a bottle of Dasani water (and you don’t), then reuse the bottle it came in. Maybe fill it with tap water and drink that! If you are reusing something, there is no need to recycle it. If you someday find yourself in possession of something that you can not live without and it can not be reused, then it should be recycled. Recycling is worthwhile, but it should be a last resort, not a first choice.

And then:

Down with SUVs

I am sick and tired of being accosted by you chubby pink gentrified hogs of the Midwest! With all your theatrical liberal guilt about being green and sustainable, you are willing to make sacrifices as long as it doesn’t require effort.

Well, guess what? It is hard walking out there in the snow! So, as you sit in your warm padded, heated, mechanical status badge, barreling through the intersections as though your life is so special and there isn’t a blizzard out, remember that pedestrians have the right of way! Pedestrian power!

Self-propelled, Clayton Hamilton
UI senior

How great is that?!?!?!?! You can read John’s column over at his blog and just for the record I don’t agree with him on this one but he writes so well I just can’t stay mad at him. I had urged him to write about this idiocy but it is his gig, after all. Have yerself a dandy weekend, dear reader, and remember to check out the news and views from this, where Ira is once again wowing the masses.


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  1. 1

    one ironically likely and deliciously enjoyable benefit of requiring american-made ONLY amreican flags is that they will become MUCH more costly, and more dear to those who own them. [follow along with me here] because they cost more, there will be fewer of them given at every parade on every holiday. folks aren’t as likely to slap them on the roofs of their cars, because they won’t have the extra jack to pay $15.00 for a little one when they stop at the quikie mart for beer and smokes, which could easilyadd up to a $100 price tag.

    i’ll take no position on the bill, but i won’t complain when it takes effect. it’s not as stupid as outlawing english/spanish language options of state phone lines. rather, i see it as raising cigarette taxes or allowing more casinos and lottery games. it won’t affect me, and i’ll indirectly benefit from its effect.

    now, i might have overlooked some aspects of this proposal, so feel free to point them out.

  2. 2

    dp said,

    If you couldn’t import meaningless whatzits on the cheap, you wouldn’t be able to hear the Arky-tech Feb.17 at the IMU. Freedom isn’t dumb

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