I Did It!

Sorry about that last post, I was feeling a little slappy at work yesterday, I guess. I had the afternoon off and went skiing with Brian at Ashton which had gotten a fresh inch or so of snow. We did the classic style and it was a good time with nice conversation. Saw lots of the IC regulars out there and rumor had it that Eppen had done 10 laps in the morning! He and a few others are going up to try out the Birkebeiner, sounds like he should be fine.

I have been enjoying steady winter sports activity. Lots of skiing, some snowshoeing last week and more skiing over the past weekend. Last Saturday I was out early because I was hoping to volunteer at the BL and it opens at 10. Rode over and locked my bike up

to the rack. It was a skate day and I must admit my first lap sucked. I could not get a rhythm going and I felt like I was trying to move myself in 8 directions at once for every stride. I had to stop and regroup twice but in the end I got it together and skied 3 loops plus one trip out to the Mall. The trail out there is a groomed multi-use path and as such it has some great signage! Nowhere else can you ski with such confidence as to

what lies ahead. The one sad thing about the mall route is the road crossing. You have to take off your skis and scurry across and look out for the freaking Hummers.  I will bet money on any given weekend more Hummers can be found at  Malls than on mountains.

I just heard the advanced road crossing technique is to only take off one ski and hop across. Might try that, someday. So I finished my ski and loaded up the super-toober for the ride home.

There is a gym less than a mile from the ski trails and on my way out it had been deserted but as I passed it again I made a rough count of sixty cars in its convenient

gym-side parking lot. If you look closely you can see happy people running nowhere in climate controlled comfort! Hooray! As for me I was happy to have three hours of fitness behind me and a New Pi breakfast burrito and coffee in me when I arrived at the BL, just a little bit late. Its not like they can fire me, after all.

Sunday morning I went back to Ashton for more. When I rode over it was -1f and really windy. I had chosen classic hoping I could stay warmer. The snow was totally crusted and windswept. No tracks. I headed out into the wind and wondered at the folly of this adventure. That would not change until I was home. My waxless skis could find no purchase on what was left of the groomed surfaces and I had forgotten my gaiters so I did not want to venture into the deeper snow as my socks would get wet and I would freeze my toes off on the ride home. So I skitter-strided along and made just one loop including the Mall extension (much warmer in the trees) in an hour and bagged it. Probably should have skied skate for the conditions but probably should have just stayed home. As I rode home I passed the bank clock that two hours ago had told me it was -1 and now it was now saying it was zero! I got excited and thought of warming trends and spring and my heart sang out with joy but as the readout toggled to the time and then back to the temp it again read -1f. Ah well, spring can wait!

Heading up to Frost Bike this weekend, look for a full report on the latest in clever cycle-related sticker design next week.

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    tarik said,

    Ski Tube!

    Frost Bike!

    have fun

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