Handmade Show

Robin Williams in a Rapha jersey at the Handmade Show and carrying around an IF catalog? Boy he sure does know his stuff! Just ask Vladamir Ekimov…

photo from velonews.com

Now while Robin Williams has a long history of disappointing me for $7.50 a pop his buddy and fellow show attender Lance Armstrong has a long history of disappointing me for free and just as I am all used to it the online Bikble of Portland reports this story and it makes me all smiley and giggly. Will I someday have to renounce my Treksucks manifesto? I would welcome that.

Check out this beer bottle opener I made, its totally sick dude! If your Jethro Tule fails or your Tug-Nut has gone missing or your Yakima hitch rack is on the other car or somebody stole the Park Tool or Pedro’s opener out of your tool box or the floorboard

velonews.com again

rusted out of the backseat of your VW and the resource revival bottle opener you kept back there for years fell through and was lost on a gravel road somewhere or any one of the other 34 bicycle related bottle openers you got in the last year at bike events are not accessible and you are so mechanically inept you can’t figure out how to open a bottle without one and you just finished an epicsick ride and you gotta have a brew then DUDE! I got you covered, this is the last opener you will ever need. And check it, it’s Ti, bro!

And wow, who woulda thunk there would be so many headsets stealing the press at the Handmade Bicycle Show. I am all for innovation and ripping off people who probably

velonews.com yet again

deserve it so a sweet $650 headset makes me smile but really, I think they should just stick to the Handmade Headset Show circuits and quit stealing the frame builders narrow spotlight. Oh, there is no Handmade Headset Show? That makes sense, I guess, because nobody cares! Except Velonews, go figure.

I wonder if Sacha White sleeps well at night or if he is freaked out like Little Man Tate thinking about the possibility that maybe somewhere, something is not perfect?

I could go on and on, of course, and there are thousands of pictures out there and lots of press but all that really matters to me is that Ira reported a good show for his lil’ company that could and with Indy on the horizon I hope to check out all the goodies in person next year. I hope the show does not get any sillier by then, but I don’t really see how it can’t.



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  1. 1

    Tarik said,

    I am proud and ashamed to say I have that Ti bottle opener. Mine says one fucking speed on it. I had to race for 4 hours through some godforsaken downieville moonscape to get it though.

  2. 2

    DG said,

    What? You forgot to post the pic of the disk brake on the non-drive side, set your socks on fire and burn your ankles, totally useless if your chain comes off, custom inboard braking crankset fixed gear.

  3. 3

    ari from Chicago said,

    I’m just glad that the handmade bike did not dissapear altogether. All the euro builders are just making ridiculous compact frames in alu and carbon and america is producing all the cool stuff. Go figure. Ira’ s bikes rule.

  4. 4

    bikeiowa said,

    Tarik, you should be proud to own your opener, especially because of how you got it!

    By the way, I love my well earned Jethro Tule that I got for the TI and my keychain bikeiowa.com opener / multi-tool keychain and all the other openers I have lying around here and there, I just get distressed when our nations premier cycling publication (well . . . ) wastes even a single photo of coverage at a place like the NAHBS on a freaking bottle opener. And a full fifth of their first days photo coverage is of Cane Creek headsets? Even their long interview with Sacha could not save them, they are as out of touch as Mr Williams.

    DG, I hear you!

    Ari you make a good point, I have some serious Euro-envy in general and you gave me the red white and blue slap upside the noggin I apparently need! Viva Ira.

  5. 6

    John said,

    that headset is pretty….anxious to hear about frostbike this week! i’ll make a special reappearance into the caffeinated world for it!

  6. 7

    […] photo from velonews.com Now while Robin Williams has a long history of disappointing me for 7.50 a phttps://bikeiowa.wordpress.com/2008/02/14/handmade-show/Sunday Shooting Just the Latest in Yak Gun Violence KAPP YakimaYAKIMA — Ron Keller’s neighbor was […]

  7. 8

    […] know, I keep up on a great number cycling publictions both online and in print and nothing puts the grit in my chamois so much as the continued covering of and reporting on the latest and greatest in bike tool/beer […]

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