The Way It Is/The Way It Was

Happy at home and settled back into our version of frigidity. The streets are covered in some crazy ice formations following the latest storm and one of the durned things sent me sprawling in the middle of morning car traffic yesterday. Of course the American motorist is very understanding about these things so my fellow travelers gave me plenty of space to collect myself and one nice woman with an even nicer truck asked me if I needed a lift. I was touched but politely declined and thanked her for her concern. Riding on I realized that my foot hurt like heck and especially my big toe and as I continued pedaling I thought that maybe I had even broken that sucker. At work I field stripped it and found that while the big toe looked like it had been punched in the eye it still provided full range of movement. Carry on!

So the trip to the big Cities was great. We stayed with some old college chums of mine in their super cool and new to them house. They share their beautiful pad with a couple of

big dogs named Sal and Arie and one little purr-machine of a kitty named Kitty.

We were happy to learn that the nearest coffee shop was local and reputable and had

vegan food options plus the latest in colored ice sculptures. We were just blocks from the World Famous in certain circles Cars R Coffins coffee shop but sadly we only got to see it from the street. Next time…

So all hopped up on caffeine we went to FROSTBIKE and check it out, the coolest thing

I have ever seen. A headset with freaking wood in it! You saw it here first people. Allow me to explain the significance of this development in shaft rotational technology in not less than 34 paragraphs loaded with technical jargon and graphs.

Okay, forget it. We scored some free stuff. DeFeet wool socks. Velonews 2008 calender. A sticker. Lots of edibles like Sport Beans and Power (yes, they are still at it) Bars, a Surly toestrap long enough to be used as a belt, keychains, armwarmers, a couple of cycling caps, a few bottles of Pedros lube, two Maxxis musettes and a teeny tiny Wipperman chain tool that cost 10 bucks but that is as good as free I tell ya!  We even got lunch

I met some people I had long wanted to meet and saw some old friends. All in all a fine time at the show. After we cruised over to Hiawatha Cyclery. Cody has a nice batch of pictures and a report over at the Bike Library blog, check it out if you like. This is the kind of bike shop I intend to open someday so prepare yourselves to shop there.

Saturday night we stopped by One On One for the HED party to have beer and look the place over. Lots of animal heads on the walls with fine cycle frames lodged in their antlers. Many vintage Masi’s in the house. One enormous three wheeled Ordinary suspended above us. Lots of HED carbon wheels and a giant poster of Levi Leipheimer. Got to see the pretty colored SOMA fenders and meet Hurl, owner of the aforementioned Cars-R-Coffins. He was as cool as expected.

Sunday we were to return home but a mighty storm was despoiling our fair Iowa so we decided to stay up North where things were more stable. Breakfast at the Seward Cafe, back to QBP and then some relaxing and storytelling before the big slow and dangerous drive home that took all of our Monday.

I leave you with this, a bike hanging in Mark’s garage that he rescued from a fate worse

than riding. We bicycle advocates still have a lot of perception work to do…


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  1. 1

    20 cent said,

    I actually kind of want to know how that wooden headset works complete with technical jargon!

  2. 3

    bikeiowa said,

    Yeah, I was feeling a little dirty this morning. Its not that I want to ride with Keith, I just figured enough other people would that the durned thing might fill up. Pretty exciting field at this point what with Cam Chambers rolling with a derailleur and all! Looking forward to it.

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