Ice Cubes

Its still wintry here. I have been slipping and sliding around on my skinny tires but mostly getting where I need to get without crashing. Its fun in a Dangerado sort of way. Reading our local paper today I was unhappy to see this opinion. I carefully crafted a response and sent it in, it looked a little like this:

Its been a long time since I have stumbled by the old IBC forums but I saw this in todays paper and thought it worth dropping over here. After reading it my first thought was to be glad that that Bob is no longer a City Councilor. His points are poorly reasoned at best and his gripping hearsayical retelling of a mystery cyclist riding on a busy street at night in dark clothing with no lights and possibly drunk rolling through a stop sign made the soy milk from my cereal shoot out of my nose. This phantom should be accountable? Well, Bob, former City Councilor, they already are! The laws are already in place, so go ahead and tell the police to crack down on these dangerous criminals. Devote massive resources, see how happy everyone will be! He uses a nice radical quote from Donald Baxter that is sure to boil blood in car dealerships all over town but here is another one from Donald:

The 45,000 traffic deaths that occur in this country every year are not caused by cyclists running stop signs.

I am all for dialog on the issues but this letter from Bob is more of a whiny complaint, not a genuine attempt to foster positive outcomes through communication.

gpickle, just outta bed and already fired up for Friday!

Mind you, I altered it a bit, added the word dastardly and signed it with my Mom-given name, but that is the gist. Once again, we bike advocates have lots of work to do!

Elsewhere, I got a chuckle reading this and found the fire of my faith in our future generations totally stoked, dude, by another quality offering from the 20¢ Press.

Its been a good week at work checking the tour of Cali live updates. Not Jason’s week to shine but his team is rocking and I hope he is settling in to the new system. It was cool reading that Bryce Mead of Jelly Belly was in the break yesterday, I have known him

learn more about Bryce at

since he was 16 or so. He is from Dixon, IL and used to ride with a frame builder named Bob I knew over there who made bikes called Fast Rabbits. Bob warned me that he was a fast kid and it was confirmed for me when he chased me down at a cat 3 springtime road race after I had been away for 40 miles solo. The little jerk snuck up on me in the last miles as I was busy falling to pieces and jumped me. Ah well, he really is a nice guy and it has been fun watching him move through the ranks over the years. I saw him at the Old Cap Crit last year and wonder if he will be back this year.

With the extended Minneapolis trip and my hurting toe I have taken a pretty good break from exercise. I did enjoy a nice snowshoe with Cody this past week and went skiing once but mostly I feel super rested. Best get back at it, the season looms large!


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    ah, yes…fast rabbits. the frame builder, the babies, the doctor, the vw van, and another froze toes shot to hell, as they always are/were.

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