Zen and motorcycle maintenance aside, I had me a heck of a chautauqua this weekend. First up, two snowshoe expeditions. One for the fun of it and one to the tradin’ post up

North to get some vittles. Yesterday and today I skied classic at Ashton and the tracks were in great shape and I was chugging right along for two hours both days. Tack on the rides to and fro and the aforementioned Bigfootin’ and it adds up to a happily tired me.

As I was leaving the skiing today I got a text message that I did not check but I wondered who would be texting me because there are only two people who do. I smiled thinking it was probably Ira out in Pasadena with them Rapha Rascals and he was letting me know that Jason was shooting off some fireworks on the last stage of the California tour. Can you believe he has a wikipedia page now? Once home I checked and it had not been Ira, but the live internet updates confirmed my initial assumption, local power-townie phenomenon Jason Mc-CSC was having a good day at work.

this fine pic from a past good day at work in better weather was over here

Cody and I left for a coffee date with friends and got groceries and returned home in

not the coffee date described here, this was our morning coffee but you get the idea

time to read about Jason not winning the stage. Very much too bad as it sounded like he was ripping it up in the break. A super strong ride and it looks like we can expect another good season from our in-form friend. Really would have been nice if he had beaten Hincapie but we can take heart that he beat the Rock Racer who has reportedly been fired. That team should have K.I.T.T. as their support car! That would be badass!

thanks bill!

More of our rain and icy rain Iowa weather on the way, will skiing continue or will I actually have to go for a ride someday? Stay tuned!


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