I have a pretty good morning routine going. I ride my bike on the really sketchy streets with their big frozen lumps and potholes and get a coffee at New Pi before going to work. Its nice. My winter commuting this year has been more eventful than usual due to all the snow and ice we have. I slide out fairly often and sometimes have to put a foot down and every once in a while I biff it. Mostly I am okay with it and even like it but sometimes, like last night, it gets to me.

I rode over to Ashton to ski while we got it. Its about 30 minutes for me each way. The sun had just set and the roads were covered in that nice layer of thin and slippery slush. I have been using the Touring Townie as my skimmuter and while I love the bike and appreciate its multiple gears I find the Moustache bar does not give me the control I would like in poor conditions. I made it over there and had a great three lap ski and then headed home.

It was totally dark now and the motorists did not seem very sensitive to my need for personal space. A nerve-wracking ride it was with cars passing too fast and too close. Even when I reached the supposed quiet streets of Goosetown there were still cars trying to pass me and to stay safe I would pull over and let them bounce by on the crazy roads. I was cold and grumpy when I got home.

So its a hassle going to ski at Ashton during the evenings. Makes me think I need a dedicated bike for this purpose. Super lights and reflectivity. Toss my scruples aside and actually put at least one knobby tire on it. Maybe make some of them homemade studded jobbers? Fenders of course! Rack and Super-Toober required. Riser handlebar desired.

I started fixing up this good looking Raleigh at the BL last Saturday, maybe I can find

something down there? The trouble is storage space, of course. I have been busy this week placing this needy Unit with a good home. I would love to keep it but again
storage is the issue. Hopefully this summer we can address this issue at our house and have the happiness that can only come from having way too many bicycles.

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    ari from Chicago said,

    When we moved out of cheap rental home we had accumulated 32 bikes over a period of 15 years. We needed a 24′ truck just to remove all the cycling stuff. I have learned to cut down but the addiction is still there. I like to fix bikes and give them to homeless people so they can get around. Too many good bikes end up in the garbage.

  2. 2

    Russell Roby said,

    ….[swinging gold watch]You must keep and fix the mixte…

  3. 3

    bikeiowa said,

    Ha, at first glance I thought I had been spammed because anyone talking about gold watches clearly wants to torpedo my computer but then, looking deeper, I find a fresh new perspective way over on the left coast. Gosh I love these internets!

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