Look How Happy

Skiing, and the prep for it, can change your whole outlook. Look what its done for 20¢!
Take that, winter blues!  Yes, just a week ago he was another poor cyclist resigned to riding a trainer inside while watching old Rambo movies and dreaming of springtime and bloodshed, now he is an outdoor adventurer boldly skiing around a manicured ski track in the middle of a large population center with the nearest life sustaining grocery store a good half mile away.  Like a modern day Shackleton, but smiley.

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  1. 1

    20 cent said,

    What a compliment! Comparing me to the late great Shackleton. Trainer no more.

  2. 2

    tarik said,

    What waxiing panache. The very distilled joy of skiing.
    Well done.

    Shackleton glissaded on his arse down a big hill to reach town and rescue himself and his companions. He walked into town with his bits hanging out of his shredded pants. Fact!

    No wonder he is so serious.

  3. 3

    d.p. said,

    Shackleton was a hack. Amundsen had the apropos smile.

  4. 4

    bikeiowa said,

    Yer gunna turn out alright if I have anything to say about it, Johnny boy!

    Tarik, you always say the things that need to be said, thank you for the graphic imagery and exuberance! How did you come by that fact by the way? I have read just one book on the Endurance expedition and was duly saddened by the killing of the dogs and impressed by the open water crossing in that lil’ boat but only remember “My name is Shackleton” from the first contact with civilization. I need to read some more I guess.

    And d.p. smack talking the original Shack?!?!?!? Whoa, dude…. That guy does have a charming grin, though!

  5. 5

    d.p. said,

    OK. Sorry I was a little harsh, it’s feisty Friday. But Shackleton led his assault on the Pole w/ horses and a tractor. Amundsen was the skier. It seems strangely, to me, to romanticize failure whether it be Shackleton’s in delivering his men safely or the likes of McCain’s in losing his aircraft, not doing the “noble” deed, and becoming a liability to American forces in Vietnam.
    To quote a famous classics rider, “The only question is, ‘Did you get the job done?'” L. Fignon, 1986

  6. 6

    tarik said,


    Hmmm, I will have to dig up the book I read. I don’t recommend getting too far into reading about arctic expeditions if you can’t handle the dog eating. That was part and parcel of the “glory days” of expeditioning. That and expiring in the cold cold lands. Shackleton was extraordinary in that he lost not a single man, almost all other famous expeditions were littered with the frozen corpses of expeditioneers.

    Surf on over to Rubewaddell.org -> Music and then at the bottom there is a link to Mawson’s Will.mpg. Listen to that song. Great stuff. The book is pretty good, but I prefer the song as you can dance to it and it is over in a few minutes. Stink Bait is the best album of 1998 if you must know…



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