Drinking Myself Into Shape

Friday was a rough day at work.  Combined with all the usual malarkey my eagerly awaited paycheck did not arrive.  I had to make a call five minutes before I was supposed to leave to find out I would have to wait 20 more minutes to get it.  I got grumpy but I also did, finally, get paid.  So I went drinking!  Met some friends downtown and we bought a few six packs and some hummus and chips and after five beers I found myself sitting at home at 8pm eating a frozen pizza and a big bag of chips.  Turn that 8p to 2a and it was just like the old college days.

Saturday the weather warmed up a bit and we had a group ride at 9 to celebrate.  A good group of about eight rolled to Oxford on cross bikes  We kept on the pavement and just enjoyed the riding and the company.  Half the group turned in at North Liberty and the rest of us rolled around the Sugarbottom loop, too.  I got home with about 3.5 total and felt quite pleased with my weekend so far.  So I went drinking!

Met Jim at the Old Cap Brewery for some kind of Bock beer event where they were going to pour a cold beer into a chalice and then submerge a red-hot railroad spike into it for 2 seconds to bring in to room temp.  Sounded cool, but I think I was misinformed.  The spike was not red-hot, the people dressed  in costumes gave little speeches and everyone in the place raised up their giant plastic Coors cups of Bock as the luke-warm spike was placed in the beer and it just kind of sat there.  Ah well, I was not so impressed with the theatrics but I did enjoy my big plastic Coors cup of Bock.  I even got two, thanks Gritty!

From the Brewery we went over to ATLAS to do some more drinking.  I got home after midnight and when I woke up Sunday I did not feel too spry.  Made some toast and checked my email and to my surprise saw an 8 am group ride alert!  It was 7:30, I had a hangover and a piece of toast to my name but shucks if I didn’t knuckle down and make it to the Java House to meet the ride.  It was really warm already (40!) and a much smaller group of us tackled the always challenging Loop Of Cheese.  Another 3 hours or so and when I got home it was 50 degrees and beautiful out and I felt recovered.  Weird how riding will do that to you.

So I took my recovered self down to the Bike Library to facilitate the consummation of the arranged marriage of the Robin Hood 3 speed.  Also stopped to see John, who had a rough weekend that involved skilled medical care.  I wished him a speedy recovery (and you should, too) and then went home to eat a huge salad with Cody and watch a touching Chinese movie called Shower.

It was good.


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