Virtual Adventure

When I was hiking the AT I found a remarkable number of people out there that did not really want to suffer through the daily grind of it but wanted the trophy of completion to put on their SUV dashboard. I thought I could start a business called Virtual Adventure where I would hike the trail for them. They would supply me with gear and money and a camera and I would supply them with a journal of their adventure, battered and trail-worn gear and pictures to prove they did it. I gave up on it, but feel like I am a customer now as I read all the reports and look at all the pictures from the Alaska Ultrasport. Yesterday I was so engrossed in the online coverage that I forgot to serve lunch to the ladies! I was surprised when I went out to check supplies 50 minutes after it began and there was no main course there. They are so aloof that none would brave asking where in the name of chicken was the tetrazine. Anyways, if you want to do some virtual adventuring, check out the webpage for the race and there are lots of super-amazing pictures out there, too.

I don’t have any interest in getting into this sort of thing but I have a fascination with Alaska and the sled dog racing that goes on there. I have read a few books about the Iditarod and the Yukon Quest and talked with a few mushers, most notably Kate Persons who was Iditarod rookie of the year in 1991. She was back visiting her parents here and rented a bike from the shop I worked at so she could get around. Cool beans. I checked out the Northeast sled dog championships when I lived in Vermont and there were a couple of Iditarod teams running. The following summer I got to ride on a four wheeler hitched to a racing team of sled dogs under the command of Jim Blair, dog encrusted brother of famous Linda.

He seemed pretty well adjusted and the ride was impressive, the dogs really do just pull and pull and pull, they jerked us right over fallen trees and anything else that was in the way, it was pretty crazy!

So knowing what I know and being a fan of the sometimes contradictory right tool for the job and the run whatcha brung philosophies I think if I were going to try and cross Alaska in winter I would rather do it with a team of dogs than a big heavy fat tired bike. Our two cats are a long way from a sled dog team so I will just enjoy the virtual adventuring the internet provides where Alaska is concerned.


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    DG said,

    The amazing part about reading the Alaska Ultrasport race reports is just how poorly that race used to be managed. To be dealing with the harshest of conditions in the longest of races, and then find your drop bags aren’t at a checkpoint, or worse yet the checkpoint doesn’t exist! Now that might qualify as “epic”.

    I picked up a pretty neat flick on this subject the other day, it’s titled “A Thin White Line”. The producer has a site here on the interweb.


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    bikeiowa said,

    Good deal, glad to hear its getting better, although Curiak seems to have just taken things into his own hands… We shall see how that goes for him!

    Looking forward to you getting in there, DG!

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