Townie Training

Many of my yearly miles come from commuting and other by-products of a car-free lifestyle. I have two townies and they are really nice bikes. This time of year when daylight is still short I tend to do lots of townie rides for training. It has been tough as the roads and bike paths have been better for working on handling skills than aerobic capacity but now that the ice is melting I am getting some good tempo going once again.

A side benefit of townie training is the opportunity to keep up on what is going on around town. Not the kind of stuff they put in the newspaper but stuff like Old Man Hibbs managing to fit the 14th junk car in his side yard or where the hottest social spot is if you are a duck.

Earlier this week I got to see an amazing shore to shore Iowa River ice jam and watch pieces of ice bigger than cars go over the dam by Burlington Street. It was cool! I had no camera. This morning for my pre-work townie I took the camera and got a nice picture

of much less ice. I stopped by City Carton to unload a backpack full of glass to be recycled. Yep, sometimes I ride around with a backpack full of glass. It adds

melodrama to my extreme life… Looking forward to another weekend of riding, this one will probably involve more gravel as temps are projected to be low.

First Friday Commuter Coffee tomorrow morning from 7:30 to 9:30 at the Bike Library.


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    20 cent said,

    How was the commuter breakfast? Are the cyclists merging from their winter cocoons yet?G Glad to see the TT is back in action.

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