Two Nice Rides

Saturday I put in my three hours fixing up old bikes at the BL. Then I went out for a ride. It was cold again and I was planning to ride the singlespeed around with Brian for a couple of hours and enjoy our frozen version of Moab but I got to thinking it would be warmer in street clothes and we decided to do a singlespeed townie instead. We rode a couple of hours, over the Res and into Coralville and along our magnificent river. Pretty nice pedaling, the bigger hills had us huffing and puffing over-geared platform pedal style and we were in the right place at the right time once and got to see a Bald Eagle take flight right over us. I was pretty cold when I got home and did not feel much like riding on Sunday but of course by then I was warm so I met Brian again, along with the Eppen’s

and the Adult who was in town for his bachelor party.

He had reportedly passed out at 3 in the morning after a last minute drunken Step Aerobics workout in the Eppens basement. We rode out to Solon and temps were much warmer than the day before. Hit some gravel which was awfully rutted but not very muddy. From Solon we rode the four or five mile pea gravel path out to McBride. It was not pea gravel but snow and ice that had been driven over by a snowmobile. I biffed it twice just trying to get on the path from the parking lot we cut through. The ride was entertaining as only conditions like this can make it. Nobody hammered, we just kept a good tempo going and watched the show as people tried to take inventive lines and go way off course into deeper snow to avoid gnarlier sections. We made it through after many dabs and a few near-endo situations and lots of laughter. Rolled back to Solon for the Casey’s experience and then home on more gravel. A fine day and I think we ended up with over three hours.

The T/Th group rides start tomorrow night and with temps predicted to be in the 50’s I imagine it will be a big sketchy mess. I am feeling good about my current fitness and have a bit of a sore throat today so if I am not feeling perfect tomorrow I will sit it out. Got the Ouachita in a month and I need to be ready for that, not the last sprint of the Frytown loop.


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    Brian said,

    You were right, I was the only steel rider out there. It was a good time. Drink some tasty hot beverages and maybe we can ride Thursday.

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