Spring Break

It is spring break here in Iowa City and that means spring. No more winter landscapes

but a transition to green after the season of mud. Highs were around 50 for the past

week. While my friends were out riding and enjoying it I was dealing with a head and chest cold. Lots of coughing and aching and snuffling and feeling like poo. I had to work through it but took as much rest as I could and finally today I am feeling better. Hoping to feel complete recovery by tomorrow when Cody and I leave for the red hot spring break destination of Southern Indiana! We will be down there for a few days to visit family and work on our tans. Upon return I had better be ready to get back to riding as the Ouachita Challenge is coming right up and the Seven P’s are dancing in my head.

Unrelated, here is a photo from the archives of my dear old 1968 Sundial Conversion

VW known as the Elephant taken on the great winter expedition of 98/99 to find a new place to settle.  Everything I owned was in there and while in the end I wound up right back where I started it was a great couple-a-few months.  I sure do miss that old bus.

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  1. 1

    hmmmm that looks like the pull off close by the South Kaibab trail! i be jonesin’ for my home in arizona…. 🙂 🙂 and sweet old VWs…

    hope all is well in the city of iowa. much love to you and cody!!

  2. 2

    DG said,

    I had a 75′ that looked almost exactly like yours. Unfortunately it was VW’s first year of using fuel injection on the vans, and it had more than it’s fair share of gremlins….and ants.

    It’s ok though, I’ve still got the micro and the syncro awaiting.

  3. 3

    Ari said,

    VW is no longer for the Folk. Only people that make mucho dinero can afford them. Same thing with the old trusty Honda Civic.

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