Where Are They Now

Years ago I lived in Vermont. I rode my bike and did some racing and met lots of bike racers and the “scene” up there was very good. I was doing some catch up reading tonight and saw that back in February two racers I had met and ridden with out East were making good on the World level and I thought shucks if that aint just some cool beans.

photo by John Veage found over at http://www.cyclingnews.com

Here is Katie Mactier who came out from California and stayed at my house with her team during Collegiate Nationals when they were in Burlington, VT in 2002. She won every event, I think, so there you go – she fast. On her wheel and possibly grimacing, is Katheryn Curi Mattis who raced for the IF/Dansko team as just Katheryn Curi back then up in them parts. She would go on to win this World Cup and flex her muscles like a so:

Another fine photo from John Veage from http://www.cyclingnews.com

So I like reading about folks I have personal history with doing great things. I wonder if there is some citizen racer somewhere blogging about the dude he met once who won a Pie Race years ago? Hope so.


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