Opposable Teeth

Okay, long overdue serious updatery. We went to Southern Indiana. Funniest thing I heard down there was Cody’s uncle talking about teaching a black powder rifle shootin’ class and telling people to tear the gunpowder packet open with their teeth. An old feller said “We got a problem” because he lacked two opposable teeth. Good stuff. It was a nice visit with her family and it rained five inches or some such thing one of the days we were there. Wow. I got in a one hour ride one day and as I rode into a little town there was a mass of dogs stretching across the whole road coming at me at a leisurely trot and I turned around and bolted.  The stuff of cycling nightmares!  We stopped at Boot City on the way back to Iowa where I saw this amazing bike fit for a cowboy hanging from the rafters. Giddy up!

On the long drive we have gotten in the habit of stopping at a coffee shop in ChamBana for rest and caffeine and this time I got a double cappucino. It looked like this

I was perplexed but it was better than I thought it would be. Crazy college coffee shops all trying to be hip and different. Upon our triumphant return home I found out I had to work the rest of my spring break at my new job and nine point five hours a day at that! Holy crud, its looking like I am going to be slow this year. We will just see how it goes. In the grand tradition of slow people everywhere I bought a new bike to compensate.

That’s it. It came to me through the fine folks at the only Salsa dealer in town and I thank them right kindly for their help. I have yet to ride it but I did take it for a ride on a Bikes At Work Trailer.

That picture makes me so happy! I am going to be able to put some pedals on it tomorrow and get out for a ride. For now it waits at the Bike Library surrounded by bikes that already gave their full measure.

I am hoping for the best this year on the bike but as I will be finishing my commitment to the lil’ house of sorority-horrors as well as working a night and weekend day each week at the new gig I am going to be sorely lacking in long rides and consistency for the next two months. Ah well, it is for the best in the long run and I will just do the best I can with what I have. Take care of your teeth out there!


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  1. 1

    Ari said,

    Congrats on a beautiful machine. I know you will ride it a lot and enjoy it. I ride a Salsa Chili con Crosso and love that machine.

  2. 2

    that bike is so hot. however, i’d need a step ladder to straddle that top tube.

    i love your posts, by the way.

    and that monster cap–seems to have crossed that milky boundary into latte-land, no? there’s an old rule of thumb of espresso to milk to frothy goodness that seems to have been thumbed.

    but it could have been a very tasty latte.

    welcome back from kentuckiana.

  3. 3

    d.p. said,

    New steed, new gig. Could he be gearing up for something divide[d]?

  4. 4

    Sean said,

    You’re going to love the El Mariachi, I know that I sure love mine anyway.

  5. 5

    bikeiowa said,

    Thanks for stopping by and offering up the kind words and encouragement everyone! I took the bike out today for gravel and a small taste of trail and found myself smiling just like they said I would. I think in general I will much prefer my trusty cross bike for gravel riding but am excited to ride lots and lots of trails with this machine under me.

    And yes I am gearing up, d.p. But not for this year… You interested in that one?

  6. 6

    ari said,

    Did you buy your salsa as a complete bike or did you piece it together? QBP offers some great deals on prebuilts with reasonable parts that work.

  7. 7

    Tarik said,

    you are angling (nyuk nyukl) for killer pro deals on camo togs eh?

    The new bike looks great!

  8. 8

    d.p. said,

    I have a fascination with the ACA route but not as a race. Enough that I have the route as a favorite in Google Earth. Ridden most of the MT bits and pieces when I lived in Missoula, MT and some northern CO when I was in Craig. And maybe some around Atlantic City, WY.

    I’m getting a Casseroll Single from a former employer (not our common one, though) for my field-fodder-slow version of gravel grinding. Geometry reminds me of my old touring bike and has room for 37’s.

  9. 9

    bikeiowa said,

    ari- yep I went complete on it. I don’t have much nice stuff lying around to build a mountain bike with and I don’t have any gigantic wheels so it seemed to make the most sense to just go complete. I mostly like the build, I am not sure about the SRAM shifter yet but I hope to get used to it and that saddle has got to go but that is pretty typical I think of most new bikes.

    Tarik, I dunno what a camo tog be but when I do that Great Divide thingy I hope you will come rescue me and take me to your cats so I can meet them.

    and my fellow WOB-er d.p. that is cool that you have ridden some of the route, I too am unsure of the race but I am super excited to do that route and as I want to do it at the quick pedal and the weather seems to be good when they start that may as well be when I go for it. I figure I will just voluntarily disqualify myself by calling Cody from my cell as soon as they yell go to tell her I am going and then just riding the race as a ride. I don’t want their stinking rules! That Casseroll sounds good, Salsa is making some damned fine bikes these days for my liking!

  10. 10

    Sean said,

    The SRAM bits will give you no problem. Its been a few years since the last time I had a geared mountain bike and I am quite impressed by how well it all works. I’m curious as to whether or not you’ll experience the same insane seatpost creaking that I had. Seat, grips, and post are the only changes I have felt inclined to make so far and I don’t foresee anything else.

  11. 11

    bikeiowa said,

    Okay Tarik, I get it now, angling for camo togs. Good joke, ja. Fin and Feather is so much more than just a fish out of water and animal minding its own business shot clean through enablement center. Its full of wonderful camping and equipment and apparel that would have made Mawson less frost bitten and boats and ski stuff, too. Its owned by real mom and pop people who you can come in and meet and boasts an impressive stock of Life Is Good merchandise!

  12. 12

    Cody G. said,

    Don’t let ‘im fool you, Tarik. He’s just playing dumb. He’s already got a fully insulated, “hardwoods snow” bib, and that “wetlands” bartape will certainly give him the edge this season.

    I think he might even be working on a nice goatee to fit in with the bowhunters.

  13. 13

    Tarik said,

    Sweet! I can’t wait to pick you up in antelope wells. You must be wearing camo overalls atop a pinkish life-is-good tshirt and a baby blue l-i-g visor. I will let you meet the cats if you hand me a l-i-g frisbee or insulated coffee mug at the mexican border.

    A goatee is a good bet, the abe lincoln you were sporting will be immediately recognized as fraudulent by hunting cognoscente. Everyone knows those daguerreotypes of lincoln hunting were just campaign posters. He was a mean axe handler though…

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