100 Mile Check

So I got this new bike and I have gotten out for a few rides on it and we are building a relationship. An old mechanic friend of mine used to say about VW’s that you need to have a conversation with the car. Listen to it and it will tell you what is wrong or right and you go from there. The same with bikes I have found.

Last Friday I got out for a nice 2 hour spin with Brian and the dynamic duo of Eppen and Eppen. We rolled some gravel and a few muddy B roads and I had some issues. Flat tire first, and me with no tube or pump. Patched it up (big thorn) and borrowed a pump to fill it. This is my first disc brake bike and it shows, as I was trying to wiggle the wheel back in I got the rotor caught up in one of the pads and pulled it right out. Crap! A nice ten minutes of trying to figure out how to ram it back in there without doing bad things to delicate looking springs. Off we go, me spouting apologies and the bottom bracket area starts creaking. No big deal, I feel so we keep at it. Rolled a few muddy B’s and I was happy to just go right down the middle of them and watch my already wide tires balloon to Pugsley proportions as they packed with mud. It was kind of fun, like riding on air on feathers on pillows or something… Eppen asked me why my bike was not clogging up, I gave some smart alec answer about 29er culture and he gave the deadpan reply, “Its kinda pissing me off”

So I get home and whaddya know, my eccentric bottom bracket has come loose and is sloshing back and forth in the shell a good quarter inch. Crud. That ride brought the

What If ?!

grand total on the bike to 6.5 hours so I guess its time to tighten and true everything up and hope for the best this weekend. I am going to be supremely unhappy if I drive all the way to Arkansas to dnf due to new bike issues. The Bridgestone is whimpering in the shed but it is in sorry shape after the winter and I lack the time to make it right so that is that.

Other things happening, worked both days last weekend. Bike to Work Week 2008 is fast approaching and we had a good productive meeting last night and it looks like its all going to come together once again, bigger and better than ever even! Check out the website for tentative schedule and details as they become updated. I am glad to be able

to go to the Friday event, missed it last year for the Kanza but that comes later this year so I can party down bike commuter style like Cody and Helpy.

Group ride tonight!


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  1. 1

    monkey rock cycling debuted their new team kit at kent park.

  2. 2

    Ari said,

    Some of the new stuff takes time getting used to . The outboard bearing thing has been driving us crazy at the shop. I have been a wrench for 20 years and have not seen bb’s that poop out so quickly.
    The whole idea of a bottom bracket shell was to hide them bearings in there to keep them away from the elements. Marketing and engineers that don’t ride decided to bring them outside so they can get a good dosage of rain, mud and gravel. I have reverted to Sugino cranks with phil bottom brackets to address the problem


  3. 3

    bikeiowa said,

    Thanks for the advice Ari, I am going to see how this set up breaks in. I do love the old style and may go back that direction in the future but I have no time to experiment before Sunday.

    From the Sugino crank files… The patron tall guy of the Iowa City Bike Library has a good story from touring in Italy in the 80’s. He had some bike issue and stopped in a little Italian bike shop where the owner told him in heavily accented bikinglish that his problem was his Shimano crank. Brian said this is Sugino and the owner flapped his arms at him and said Shimano… Sugino…. In a shrugging sort of same difference kind of tone.

    Story is probably better in person so I advise ya’ll to stop by the BL. Cycle Commuter Coffee is this Friday morn, 7:30 to 9:30

  4. 4

    Ari said,

    It would be cool to come over for coffee. If you weren’t that far. The italian guy probably had never heard of shimano or sugino and just wanted to hook up your pal with some Cramp-and-go-slow Super Record cranks. Good story!
    I am currently reading the famous “The Rider” by Krabbe. Good story.

  5. 5

    DG said,

    Ha! What if? You ride that scooter, thats what! Check out the last pic on my latest post and you’ll see.

    I agree with Ari. Square taper is the only way, the rest is pretty much crap.

  6. 6

    Justin said,

    I had the same thing happen to me on my El Mar yesterday. When yours was loose were you able to move the bottom bracket in the EBB?

  7. 7

    bikeiowa said,

    Hmmm…. As I recall the BB was still tight in the eccentric, just that had come loose and was moving side to side. Tightened it up good and it has been holding so far. The rear hub came loose so I now have that re-tightened and I figure that will be the last maintenance I ever have to do. Right?

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