Bike Nights

Tuesday was the College Green ride. It was cold and windy and 12 of us showed up to ride out to Solon and back. Good group and I was feeling a bit more spry after last weeks outing so I hammered a couple of times and felt those good sensations and was encouraged that I did not get dropped after my efforts. Of course I got really tired but that is the point after all and I was still there for the finale. Hooray!

Last night was Bike Night at the Lefler’s. I had to work both jobs before heading over so I was a bit tired but having Kenny give my big Salsa wheels the super pro love and then torque wrench my bottom bracket into submission was worth it. Drank a few beers and talked bikes with the homies, a fine Iowa City resource is that Bike Night. Got home around midnight and passed out.

This morning I got bit by a mouse, how is that for sucky? Hope I don’t get the rabies. The internets tell me it is very unlikely.

Weather is rainy today and I hope to get things ready tonight so I can ride the Salsa once more tomorrow and blow town early Saturday morning for the Challenge with Team Skin. They told me to bring lots of booze but I’m going for this.

And this, but I’m a-gunna ride them crossing and not wear hi-vis

Special thanks to Cody, who is not going and will be missed terribly, for pointing out that the photo I did have posted, which was lovely, was pixilated. Sorry about that.


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