Pumpin’ Sumpin’ or Keeping My Head Above Water

It has been a busy spring.  I am doing the two job thing and still trying to train enough to not get embarrassed on my bike and through it all the daily needs of house and home must be met.  Yesterday I had plans of riding but when I got home from work I fell asleep on the couch.  It was very stormy and Cody came home early  from Yoga and we decided to veg out and watch the Big Lebowski.  It was fun, that movie makes me laugh.  Around 9:30 our furnace kicked on and sounded like it was none too happy about it.  We scurried downstairs to have a look and whadayaknow, 8 inches of water in the basement and stuff floating around, just like in the cartoons.  I saw a bug climbing for safety.  Cody turned off the laboring furnace and we sprang to action.  First we tried the shop vac which was effective but silly for this job.  To the bucket brigade, then, with our brave kitties cheering us on we bailed into the night.

There had been water in the basement the day before and Cody had found it while looking for her cycling shoes but it was not much and we figured it would subside as we have never had water down there before.  Our sump pump was unplugged for some reason and we had no idea if it even worked because we had never heard it run in our three years in the house and because we were standing in an inch of water we decided against plugging it in until dryer times.  Mistake!  In the heat of battle as we now were I was only too willing to risk it all so I used a carbon ski pole to retrieve the plug and an old blue bucket I had picked up on the side of the road last fall as an island to stand upon and I plugged that little bugger in.  With a whooosh and a rush and a visible whirlpool the flood was driven back.  I love a night of physical labor with my dearest loved one as much as the next person but I was pretty happy to let electricity and machines take the glory whilst Cody and I slept.

It was not quite that easy of course, we had to relight the water heater pilot and when it kicked on I thought it was on fire but it seems okay today, I suppose it will take time to dry out its insulation.  We left the furnace off over night and turned it on this morning to see what would happen and it is working fine, I had to make a trip to ACE, the annoying neighborhood hardware place to buy a new filter but other than that it seems fine.  As long as our sump pump holds on we should be good.

So there you have it, high drama on the high sea under our house.  Another busy weekend ahead, Bike Library steering committee meeting tonight, cats to the vet tomorrow morning for long overdue checkups, Bike Library Rent-A-Bench tomorrow afternoon from 2-4, work on Sunday from noon to 5.  I’ll try to get some rides in, too.


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