Fringe Benefits Part 3

As a cook I have access to many rubber bands from bunches of broccoli or asparagus or what have you.  For years now I have tossed them into the trash with little thought but now, having seen Brian’s Rubber Band Ball I have been inspired to create my own.  Here it is, riding a Flight saddle!

A closer view, compliments of Cody.  Notice the variety of band width and color.

I have but a painful and draining month left in the commercial kitchen before I am back to civilian cookery and likely fewer rubber bands but I promise to keep you all informed of noteworthy girths the ball might achieve.

In other Fringe Benefit / Road Prize news I found a screwdriver on my ride with Brian this morning.  It sports a Phillips head and is well balanced to fight ergonomical fatigue factors and stuff.

The find added to an already fine morning on the bike and we rolled three hours.  With the two plus hours I got yesterday that is not a bad weekend considering all I had to do.  The weather looks to be improving for the week ahead so I am hoping to get more hours in.  Hope you can too, if you are into that kind of thing

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  1. 1

    That there is a nice rubber band ball. I should warn you, though, the rapid growth that you have experienced in the past few weeks will most likely diminish rapidly once you come back to the world of the English alphabet.

  2. 2

    i always enjoy reading your stuff, g.

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