Ups & Downs

They have the final results posted from Ouachita, and after being told I had finished 42nd and then seeing I had fallen to 44th in the first online results I am proud to see that I have now moved up to 40th! Exhausting stuff this endurance racing. It’s like it never ends… I am just happy to have done the ride, this is one that I did not say never again after finishing and I do hope to get down there again, but there is no rush.

Did the group ride last night. It was warm and windy, we rolled the flat and fast Edens loop. Cross winds were where the magic happened and I played for a while but not well and then finally had to sit in for the last long time to town. It was 53X12 time for me and we made it in from Lone Tree in just 30 pain filled minutes. I feel like a schlub when I can’t take my pulls but I was heartened to make it in with the lead group. Probably 2 hours 30 minutes total for the day, can’t complain.

Today is my mountain of a hump day. Got in some good chore work this morning,

building a cold frame so we can get some spinach growing pronto. One is almost done! Just have to screw the hinges to the box and fill it with dirt. I have to work both jobs today and then I am going to ride over to Lefler’s for Bike Night

to say howdy to folks and thank Kenny for tweaking my bike for me before that knobby race. It’s a long day…

Looks like I am riding to Des Moines this weekend for an IBC face to face Bored meeting, going to get a ride back with Team Skin, them kids are everywhere I tell ya!

Last thing, this is a road prize from December but it has been wadded up in the shed since, dug it out for the photo, not my longest road prize but it probably wins the square feet award. I loves the freebies!


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  1. 1

    Cody G. said,

    Not your longest road find? Do tell!

  2. 2

    bikeiowa said,

    Why Cody, the longest is that 25 foot tape measure that is on the porch, of course!

  3. 3

    you’re so technical, mr pickle.

  4. 4

    Cody G. said,


    I was expecting something more romantic, like, “The road itself is the longest prize I ever found on a ride.”

    That’s pretty technical.

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