Marking Time

This has become a crazy cycling weekend in Iowa. You have the always popular and aggro Iowa City bike races with the Saturday RR and Sunday Crit. There is the Tour of

Photo ©: Mark Zalewski/

Georgia which is usually showcasing local homey Jason McCartney, plus that trans-iowa thingy and the Decorah knobby time trials, too. Lots of bike stuff happening for the Iowa enthusiast. I awoke yesterday morning at around 4:45 and thought of the TI gravel riders up around Decorah somewhere. I heard the wind howling and smiled and went back to sleep. Later, when I rode our recycling down to the drop place I saw Mike Meister unloading his and said howdy. He finished last years event and I thought it was nice that two past finishers were just going about their daily grinds and I sure was happy to be one of them.

I got out for a nice four plus hour ride with Brian. We rode some gravel and stopped by the finish of the road race to see yet another past trans iowa finisher (they are everywhere around here!) Jim Cochran get second in the 40+. Back in town and a check of the internets showed that Jason had ridden a good chunk off the front at the days TDG stage and was now in the KOM jersey. It was a pretty exciting stage and I was happy to see that the calculating racers were beaten fair and square on two counts that day.

We had Chad and Dorothy from Des Moines stay with us and we had a nice Thai dinner and drank a few beers before bed. We gave them the comfy restibule for the evening. It caused some kitty confusion but those little buggers have it so good they need to have their worlds rocked every once in a while.

Today we lazed around for a bit and John stopped by for pre race instruction and then Cody and I rode down to watch him do his first crit. That kid is a natural I tell ya! He did not crash and came in with a respectable

top 20 finish. There was some heckling, we got some food, we saw friends, the cat 4’s put on a great show and local cyclebusinessperson Geoff brought home the bacon with a devastating acceleration out of the final corner.

Then I was off to work, which was slow so I asked for furlough and it was granted! Back to the races and I got to see most of the 2’s, which was exciting and our steady and smooth handling Canadian Jeff Barnes a.k.a. the Rock Lobster made the break of three! It was great watching him rolling it and while his younger competitors narrowly bested him in the sprint he is still the pride of Iowa City!

That Dierking wins in some short-shorts, no?

And speaking of shorts, they trimmed the trans iowa course down by 100 miles so five join the finishers ranks this year and I suppose that technically it finally has a winner other than Ira even if it is technically by technicality. Will it go on? The popularity amazes me, and when I read of people coming from so far to dnf so early I can’t help but marvel at their gumption. To each their own.

That is all I have to wrap up this stellar cycling weekend, hope you had as much fun with it as I did and I’ll see you somewhere next year. I hope I am in Georgia!


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  1. 1

    DG said,

    I swear I didn’t know any better! And hey, since I DNF’ed out of TIV4 after making the first checkpoint, I had a chance to DNF out of the time trial on Sunday too! I feel special.

  2. 2

    bikeiowa said,

    Good on ya Dennis, did you really damn near finish the tt, too? Looking forward to hearing how it all went down, good conversation for a 200 mile ride I reckon.

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