This morning I was doing some online browsing for some bike stuff and in addition to getting up close and personal with a Dura-Ace 12-27 cassette and a Sugino 175 compact crank I scoped out some pedals. Looking at the offerings from MKS one pair stood out that was quite pricey I thought until I saw that it is the choice of top Keirin pros in Japan. Enough said, I thought, and surfed over to u-tube to watch some racing!

Tonight I took what I learned and applied it to the Iowa City A ride, albeit with narrow shoulders and skinnier biceps and quads and I won a sprint! Without crashing anyone! The thing about Keirin racing though? Once they sprint they are done, they sit up. The A ride keeps going and I did not know what to do from watching videos so I got dropped. Poop. A large group of us went and had some beers after the ride and that was nice. I think this scenario will happen a lot this coming summer, but hopefully without the getting dropped part.

My limited impressive performance on the ride may also have been influenced by the Rage Against the Machine albums that Cody recently put on our computer. I listened before the ride and it put me in a slightly different frame of mind than my usual

afternoon Morcheeba which makes me feel like el Duderino listening to whale songs while smoking a joint in his tub.

I wish I could put into type that sound he makes when the cops call and tell him they found his car.


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  1. 1

    brian said,

    An impressive sprint it was, though. I was on your wheel and got to witness the perfect timing of your jump. No one could see the sign yet, so they just looked at you. Good stuff. And good beer, too.

  2. 2

    Ari said,

    Man, you are on a roll!!!
    I am still in pain from Trans Iowa.

  3. 3

    Cody G. said,

    Far out, man. Far fucking out.

  4. 4

    DG said,

    The Dude is Ron Moffit

  5. 5

    the rage said,

    that’s just like…your opinion…man.

  6. 6

    Ryan said,

    Feel the critical mass approach horizon

    Post-Skye Morcheeba doesn’t work for me, either.

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